Saturday, October 22, 2011

Running for Leightyn

This past Saturday, Landen ran the "Survivor's Challenge" 5k. Mylea and I headed out to help cheer him. on. This was the biggest race we have been to and there were plenty of vendors and activities to keep Mylea entertained during the race.
Mylea massaged Daddy's back hoping to warm him up.
Mr. Peanut was there handing out peanuts. Mylea wanted to take lots and lots of pictures with him.
Before the race, Mylea made Daddy a sign to cheer him on.

Woody came out to help Mylea cheer for Daddy.
One vendor brought their baby poodle out to the race. I don't know who was more in love... Mylea or the poodle. This poodle was so much fun to play with!

Time for the race!
While waiting for Daddy to finish, Mylea got a pumpkin painted on her face.

Enjoying a quick snack before McDonald's delivered breakfast.
Here comes Daddy on the final stretch!
Go Daddy Go!!!!
Under 24 minutes.....his best time yet!
Mylea running after Daddy.
One of the sponsors gave Mylea a special medal for being a great cheerleader for her daddy. She couldn't wait to tell Daddy what all she did during his race.
Me and my girl
Landen and Mylea waiting to hear who won medals.
Yeah!!!! Landen got third in his age division!

Landen and Mylea showing off their medals!

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