Monday, October 3, 2011

Disney Day 4

We woke up early Tuesday morning and headed to Hollywood Studios. This park is based on movies, special effects, and characters from TV shows.
We had breakfast scheduled with characters from Disney Junior Morning Shows.
Mylea loved looking around to seeing all the characters.....but, she did not want any of them coming near her this morning!!
Mylea was happy to see Handy Mandy.......only from across the table.
Same thing with Leo from Little Einsteins.
When June (Little Einsteins) came around, Mylea was ok as long as momma was in the picture with her.
Towards the end of breakfast, Mylea decided that she wanted to go to the dance party with her TV friends. She had fun doing the Hokey Pokey with daddy close to her.
After breakfast, we headed to watch The Little Mermaid show. This show uses laser lights, clips from the movie, real water, and characters to tell Ariel's story.
Next stop was Toy Story Midway entire area dedicated to Toy Story.
We rode the new 3D ride through Andy's room.
Ready to play in Andy's room!
While waiting in line to see Woody and Buzz, we ran in to a Green Army Man from Toy Story.

Now off to see Woody and Buzz...

After playing on the Midway, we headed to watch The Beauty And The Beast Musical. On our last visit, Leightyn and Mylea fell in love with Belle and the Beast while watching this show. It was a bittersweet moment to see Mylea in awe of the characters the same way Leightyn was.

After the musical, we headed back to the resort for a quick break before returning again for the evening fireworks show. We had a delicious meal at The Hollywood Brown Derby. After eating, Mylea wanted to go back to the Midway to play in Andy's room again. One the way, she wanted to take a picture with her new friend.
We ended the night at Fantasmic. This is a neat show that uses lasers, fireworks, water, and characters to help Mickey fight the villains.
This picture of the mirror man is actually a laser flashing across water that was spraying straight up in the air.

Time for bed!!

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