Monday, September 24, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Great Passion Play

Last night we took a small group of church kiddos to see The Passion Play. The trip was for the 
older children who are faithful to attend Sunday School. I have seen this play so I was eager to 
be a chaperon. Mylea was just as excited to go. The play was awesome! I could only use my 
phone camera so the picture aren't the greatest. Mylea sat and took the entire play in. She asked 
(and continues) many questions. She didn't like watching Jesus being beat or hanging on the cross. 
The earthquake when Jesus dies scared her. But, her favorite part was when the angel came to the 
tomb and Jesus came out alive. 

Saturday Fun

This morning we made a quick trip to Sams and enjoyed a family lunch at Chick Fil A. Our girls love going to Sams. Mylea looks forward to hitting up every sample stand. Landry is our little people watcher. The Christmas section was full of toys so we had to check out some ideas for Santa. Mylea enjoyed shooting basketball hoops. She actually did pretty good. Landry was fascinated with watching her big sister. 

Loving The Weather

Our Week In Photos

Birthday Night With Ryan, Mark, and Laura
Snack Time
Trying to Escape From The Crib
Never To Young To Enjoy Dress Up
School Work Never Takes A Break
Enjoying The Rain
While Looking For Aunt Joyce An Outfit, Mylea Decided To Join The Red Hat Club
Craft Time
Highest Score
If Only She Could Reach The Balls

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Mylea received the neatest birdhouse kit as a birthday present. She had to build the house before painting it. I hope the birds don't mind all the bright colors!

Little Escapee

Thinking about it and then deciding to go for it!