Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Balloon Festival

Saturday evening, Landen and I, took the girls to the Balloon Festival in Poteau. We didn't make it in time for all the hot air balloon to take off, but the girls still had fun riding rides. 

Pumpkin Patch Outing

Saturday morning, Uncle Nigel took Mylea over to the pumpkin patch for a special outing. Mylea came back telling me that she was so proud of herself for making it through the corn maze and that she got to ring the bell when she made it out. She also loved the petting zoo and the fast slide.

Friday Night Fun

The girls had a fun surprise Friday night. Laura, Mark, and Ryan came up and spent the night. Landen and I got at chance to go on a date while the girls had their fun time at Chuck E Cheese. The girls had a blast. This was Landry's first outing with Laura and Mark. Mylea was so proud of the "awesome" toys she got with her tickets. She also let me know that she kept her eyes on Landry and that Landry behaved.

Gender Reveal at Awanas

Since we couldn't pull together a family gender reveal party, we decided to have a small one during Awanas last Wednesday. The church kids have been hoping and wishing for a little boy. Some won't admit it out loud, but they secretly want another girl. We had them sit on either a girl side or a boy side. Mylea came to the front and opened  a tub. Inside the tub, were balloons that would show pink or blue. When the pink balloons came out, there were lots of cheers. I guess the kids really didn't care what the baby was....they were more excited about the cupcakes beneath the balloons. There is a video at the bottom showing the entire reveal

Family Gender Reveal

Last Tuesday, we had our 20 week ultrasound for Baby Holmes. After much debate, Landen and I decided to find out what this baby would be. We really wanted to have a gender reveal party but with different scheduling conflicts, we decided that it wouldn't be possible. So, we quickly had to think of another way to announce Baby Holmes. A quick trip to Sams, some markers, a hair straightener, and many hours later, our announcements were ready to be mailed. We loved the idea of family and friends getting something in the mail that they could also enjoy. I have to admit that it was very hard not to give in and tell them many people that were persistent with wanting me to just tell them instead of waiting.

The outside of the announcement. 
I carefully opened each bar and placed a pink paper inside. So, instead of a golden ticket, everyone got a pink slip
I carefully used my straightener to seal the package back up.

Off to the post office to be delivered.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Week In Photos

Thanks Bill and Darla for the delicious sweets!
Playing with Molly after lunch Sunday.

Waiting at the Dr Office
Flowers from Landen

Pumpkin Night