Saturday, August 27, 2011

A (Hot) Night At The Greenwood Fair

First Day

Last Tuesday was Mylea's first day of Mother's Day Out! She has been waiting many many weeks for this day to finally come! Mylea couldn't wait to get out of the house!

When we arrived at the church, Mylea was all smiles!

Showing off her new backpack and lunchbox

When I picked her up, she couldn't wait to show me the panda cupcake she made. When we got home, Mylea was ready to dig in and eat it all up!

After one bite, she was finished!

It was a great first day for My. She can't wait for next Tuesday!

Weekend In Branson: A Special Keepsake

While walking through SDC, Landen spotted a wax hand store. We instantly agreed that Mylea would be making one before we left. A few years back, while in San Antonio, Landen and I took Leightyn to make a wax hand on her 4th birthday. We have always loved looking at the little hand on the mantle. Mylea was excited to have a hand like Leightyn's! It's neat to compare the size of them! A special keepsake from both the girls!

Weekend In Branson: Silver Dollar City

Weekend In Branson: Hanging Out At The House

Kadin trying to teach Mylea hoe to play XBox...she didn't last very long!

Mylea and Kylie watching cartoon early one morning

Kadin and Mylea enjoying a LATE night snack....eating watermelon right out of the bowl!

Kylie showing us how to work the phone

Playing with the girls

Weekend In Branson: Pool Time

A few weekends back we headed to Branson to spend a few days with some old college buddies. This was our first time to meet the whole family for some buddies. Mylea was so excited to see Kylie and Kadin again. She also had fun playing with Eden. The house we rented had an awesome pool for the kiddos.

I love this picture of Mylea and Landen. She was trying to trick him to look the other way while she had a water ball to throw at him. The conversation went something like this, " Daddy, look over there..I'm gonna trick you".

And then the trick turned in to a game of catch. Kylie quickly got involved in this game.

And the next thing I know, Landen is in the pool playing catch with the girls.