Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tulsa Happenings #6

We spent the last day in Tulsa letting the girls decide what they wanted to do. After the (great) Bounce House, Leightyn and Mylea chose to go back to the mall. Leightyn wanted to bounce again and all Mylea wanted to do was ride the quarter rides.

After having fun, the girls enjoyed some Dippin Dots while Jo and I finished up some last minute shopping and returns from earlier.

Before leaving, the girls HAD to ride the merry go round again!

Tulsa Happenings #4

Tulsa Happenings #5

We love going to Tulsa since the town as so much more to offer than Fort Smith. I have seen several websites that advertised "bounce houses" in Tulsa. My mom and I decided to take the girls for a morning of bouncing and sliding. We loaded up and followed the directions being told by Gertrude (the GPS lady).

We arrived at the first bounce house only to discover that it was closed and had been closed for a while. (You would think their website would announce they have closed). So, we went back to the list I found on the Internet and began calling for directions. After calling 3-4 bounce houses, we discovered they were ALL closed!!!!

We headed back to the hotel to (once again) go back through the phone book looking for fun. I called a local inflatable store and was told to go to "Bounce House of Broken Arrow". We got their phone number and directions and headed off on our way. According to the GPS, we were only 9.7 miles from our destination. We followed the directions being given by Gertrude (the GPS lady). When we arrived at our final was a neighborhood! Gertrude had taken us to some one's house. I called Landen to confirm the address. We went back a few blocks and began the search again. After 2 hours of driving (remember....we were only 9.7 miles from our hotel), and several stops asking where the bounce house was located....we FINALLY found our destination.

Leightyn and Mylea were super excited to FINALLY be somewhere fun. When we pulled up, mom and I just laughed and laughed. The lady on the phone had informed us that they were located in an old building that was now FULL of inflatables and slides. My personal opinion is that they need to change the description of their business. The Bounce House consisted of 4 bounce around and 2 slides. The slides were inside the bounce arounds and were not longer than 3 feet.

We walked in and Leightyn's first response was "Oh Jo....I can't believe my eyes"! She thought this place was the best thing EVER! Jo responded "I can't believe my eyes either!". Of course, her excitement was more of a "you're got to be kidding me"!!!!!!

Oh well....the girls had a blast!

Tulsa Happenings #3

Wednesday, in Tulsa, was once again a GREAT day!

We found a local cupcake store that created cupcakes with great icing (but not so great cakes). Leightyn wasn't interested in a cupcake. All she could think about was her candy from the mall. Mylea enjoyed the cherry on her cupcake but that was about it.

Back at the mall (again....we went 4 times in 3 days), Leightyn and Mylea each picked out a prince and princess at the Disney store.

Grandad didn't join us for supper, so we had a girls date at an Italian place called Zio's. The food was good but the Oreo Moutain for dessert was GREAT!

After a busy day in town, the girls enjoyed playing with new friends in the hotel pool.

After a long day, there is nothing better than cuddling with your sister!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tulsa Happenings #2

While in Tulsa, the girls got to spend some time doing things with Grandad. We all went to breakfast together before heading back to the mall.

Leightyn and Mylea both enjoyed some creamer with their breakfast.

At the mall, Grandad decided to take the girls shopping ON HIS OWN while mom and I checked out some stores. I knew this would be an interesting experience for Grandad!

Leightyn found some new teeth!

The girls had their first "Build A Bear" experience.

Mylea chose to make a dog while Leightyn chose a bunny rabbit.

Once the animals were "stuffed", the girls had to give them a "bath".

All of this time with Grandad made one little girl very sleepy by lunch time!
It was a great morning in Tulsa!!!

Tulsa Happenings #1

Last week, the girls and I, along with my parents, headed to Tulsa for four days. We had a great time before Leightyn begins school in a few weeks. Here are a few pictures from our first few hours in Tulsa.

We went to the mall to play in the play area.

Rode the carousel at the mall...over and over

Went to Krispy Kreme to for a mid afternoon snack

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Ava Grace!!!

We celebrated Ava Grace's 3rd birthday at the Eastside Adventure Zone. The girls had a great time playing with Ava Grace and Edy Rose. Leightyn loved Ava's birthday cake and doll house.

Ava and her family will be moving in a couple of weeks. Leightyn and Mylea love playing at Ava's house and having her come down to our house. We are going to miss them but we know that God is sending them on to better things!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ready Set Bowl

We Miss You....

We miss you Sissy (Grandma Nancy), Grannie, and Nanny

We wish you could have been here to celebrate. Here's some balloons for you to have.

We can't wait to see you again one day. Until then....enjoy your cokes and candy bars in Heaven!