Monday, April 29, 2013

Pink Ladybugs Week 3 Game #1

We arrived back home just in time to change clothes, grab a bite to eat, and then head to the ball field. Mylea had an 8:00 game tonight and the weather was perfect!! I missed half of the first inning.... Mylea got a hit and scored a run for the team!! The next inning, Mylea got another hit that resulted in a HOME RUN!!! That's her first home run for the season and Mylea was so excited!!! Tonight, Mylea got the chance to bat three times!! Her third turn at bat, she got a hit but was tagged out at 1st base. It was a great night at the ball field!!
 Excited to tell me about her run
 That's the home run hit
 Almost to 2nd
 Rounding 3rd
 Not sure who was more excited as Mylea touched home plate
 Our little cheerleader
 Ready for the ball

 Running the bases...our little tradition. Landen started this when Leightyn was little. After his softball games, they would run the bases together. When Mylea was old enough, she would run with Landen and Leightyn. And now, Landry has joined the tradition. 

This morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to the mall until it was time to pick up the race shirts. I tried to make a pitstop and pick up some cute dresses for the girls, but Mylea had only the Disney store on her mind. Mylea picked out a Merida doll to use her money on. Well, maybe her change on. I did count out $27 in quarters from a bag of money that Mylea brought. After playing in the play area, we headed to Los Cabos for lunch. I love this place!!!! We tried to go last night but the line was outside waiting to get in. Not a good choice with the little ones. So, we made it back for lunch today and it was delicious!! A quick stop to pick up the shirts and we were back on the road home. 

 Lunch View
 2 Months Old

 Eating some of our leftovers

 6 boxes of shirts.....can you find all 3 girls?
 Paying the tolls

Tulsa Trip - Sunday

It's race week....and a busy one at that!!!

Our race t-shirts were printed in Tulsa this year so instead of having them shipped, my mom and I jumped at the opportunity to pick them up. Not that it would take much to convince us to go to Tulsa. We left Sunday afternoon and planned to spend the night at the waterpark hotel. We stopped by Garden Ridge to check out their flowers for decoration. A few hours later, we headed to the hotel to check in and let Mylea swim while the little ones took a nap. Well, Landry had no interest in a nap so we headed to Zio's for supper and then Cheesecake Factory for dessert. After we filled our bellies, we went back to the pool till 10:00. It's great getting to go while no one else is there. 
 Check out her not so clean feet from walking around shoeless.
 Mylea made some new friends at Garden Ridge
 Playing in the lobby while waiting to check-in
 Pool Time

Nothing wrong with having a cheesecake snack at 11:00pm

Last Week In Photos

Getting Ready For The Tooth Fairy

Wednesday morning Mylea had to go get her two front bottom teeth pulled. We tried to get the teeth out but they weren't ready to let go yet. The stubborn teeth became a problem when her new teeth started growing in behind her little teeth. 
 Mylea's 2 teeth are packed in her special box ready for The Tooth Fairy. 
 Sleeping on the couch so The Tooth Fairy doesn't get lost in our house. 
 What's the going rate for 2 teeth?
Mylea decided to write a note to The Tooth Fairy asking if she could keep her teeth. When Mylea woke up on Thursday, she was excited to see that The Tooth Fairy came to visit but wasn't happy about her teeth being gone. Mylea decided that she wanted to return her money and get her teeth back. A quick call to The Tooth Fairy to plan what night we could swap the money for her teeth and Mylea changed her mind. Maybe the glittery gold dollar bills weren't so bad after all. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pink Ladybugs Week 2

The Pink Ladybugs played two awesome games this week. Last night we had an 8pm game and tonight a 6pm game. Last night the weather was perfect and tonight is was 54 degrees and wet! 

Landry cheering on the Ladybugs.

A great hit and making her way to first.

Ready to leave second base.
Out on her way to third
Landry cheering on Mylea after she finished running the bases.
Laney and Mylea
Tonight Mylea had a great hit and made it to third base. Her next turn at bat she got a hit and eventually made her way back around to home plate. I didn't have my camera so a phone photo of her running home will have to do.