Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Ready For The Tooth Fairy

Wednesday morning Mylea had to go get her two front bottom teeth pulled. We tried to get the teeth out but they weren't ready to let go yet. The stubborn teeth became a problem when her new teeth started growing in behind her little teeth. 
 Mylea's 2 teeth are packed in her special box ready for The Tooth Fairy. 
 Sleeping on the couch so The Tooth Fairy doesn't get lost in our house. 
 What's the going rate for 2 teeth?
Mylea decided to write a note to The Tooth Fairy asking if she could keep her teeth. When Mylea woke up on Thursday, she was excited to see that The Tooth Fairy came to visit but wasn't happy about her teeth being gone. Mylea decided that she wanted to return her money and get her teeth back. A quick call to The Tooth Fairy to plan what night we could swap the money for her teeth and Mylea changed her mind. Maybe the glittery gold dollar bills weren't so bad after all. 

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