Monday, April 29, 2013

Pink Ladybugs Week 3 Game #1

We arrived back home just in time to change clothes, grab a bite to eat, and then head to the ball field. Mylea had an 8:00 game tonight and the weather was perfect!! I missed half of the first inning.... Mylea got a hit and scored a run for the team!! The next inning, Mylea got another hit that resulted in a HOME RUN!!! That's her first home run for the season and Mylea was so excited!!! Tonight, Mylea got the chance to bat three times!! Her third turn at bat, she got a hit but was tagged out at 1st base. It was a great night at the ball field!!
 Excited to tell me about her run
 That's the home run hit
 Almost to 2nd
 Rounding 3rd
 Not sure who was more excited as Mylea touched home plate
 Our little cheerleader
 Ready for the ball

 Running the bases...our little tradition. Landen started this when Leightyn was little. After his softball games, they would run the bases together. When Mylea was old enough, she would run with Landen and Leightyn. And now, Landry has joined the tradition. 

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