Monday, April 29, 2013

This morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to the mall until it was time to pick up the race shirts. I tried to make a pitstop and pick up some cute dresses for the girls, but Mylea had only the Disney store on her mind. Mylea picked out a Merida doll to use her money on. Well, maybe her change on. I did count out $27 in quarters from a bag of money that Mylea brought. After playing in the play area, we headed to Los Cabos for lunch. I love this place!!!! We tried to go last night but the line was outside waiting to get in. Not a good choice with the little ones. So, we made it back for lunch today and it was delicious!! A quick stop to pick up the shirts and we were back on the road home. 

 Lunch View
 2 Months Old

 Eating some of our leftovers

 6 boxes of shirts.....can you find all 3 girls?
 Paying the tolls

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