Friday, March 29, 2013

Moving Our "Flock"

We decided it was time for our flock to fly on to another home. So, with the help of Mylea and some youth members, we sent (paid) our flock to find another yard...our neighbors yard! It was cold during the transfer, but Mylea had fun pulling up the flamingos and hiding them in Grandad and Jo's yard.

Our Week In Photos

Maribette is not a fan of baths....hope this changes soon
Wednesday nights are busy. So we decided to combine bath time with our nightly Bible study.
Getting details figured out for Leightyn's race.
 Making cookies
 Friday breakfast fun
 Excited for the school egg hunt
 Planting some blueberries

We Were "Flocked"

We returned home the other day to find that we had been "flocked". Our youth group is doing a "flamingo flocking" fundraiser to help with the funds needing for their Nicaragua mission trip. Mylea was stunned and surprised to pull up our driveway and see 60 flamingos all around our yard. We have some silly flamingos that were playing on the swing set and hanging from the house. Mylea had fun playing with them and trying to name all of them.

Skating Party

Saturday Mylea was invited to Austin and Evan's birthday party. Mylea loves going to birthday parties. This party was extra exciting since it was at the local skating rink. My has been asking to go skating and we never have taken her. I wasn't sure how she would do in real skates on a real skate floor. However, she did awesome. Mylea asked to used one of the walkers to help her skate, but she ended up picking it up while she skated. Games, cake, friends, skating, and a bounce around......a great party!

Sunshine and Smiles

Musicians in Training

My Two Little Ones

Friday, March 22, 2013

Little Maribette

After Mylea finished taking pictures of herself, she moved on to Maribette for her model.

Mylea's Many Faces

Mylea played with my phone the other day.....she left me many photos!