Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Cake For Maribette

While at the store Monday, I picked up a cake mix and icing for Mylea to make some cupcakes. She loves to make snacks to share with her friends at school. Wal-Mart had their new Easter icing colors out and I knew Mylea and her friends would love blue cupcakes. When I got home, My was excited to get started on the cake mix. As we were about to fill cupcake liners, Mylea asked if she could make a cake for Maribette instead. She explained that she wanted a "Welcome Home Maribette" cake. So, the cupcakes were out and a cake it was.
 Mixing it up, adding extra sprinkles to the mix, and a few (ok.....a lot) 
bites to make sure it tasted yummy.

 Some aqua blue icing and fish sprinkles for the top.

 Love this girl......she is a sweet little mess!

 The finished cake....we had to hide it until supper time. 
 Landry sure did enjoy Maribette's cake!

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