Friday, January 30, 2009

Dress Up Time

My girls LOVE to play dress up. Here are some pictures from the other day. Ava Grace came down to play with the girls. Ava also loves to play dress up. We hope that she will come back again soon.

Thanks Grandma Jo for our new dresses!!

Fun Day Friday

It's Friday......that means it is "Fun Day Friday". On Fridays, Leightyn gets to pick the activity. Usually she wants to go to the mall to play, but today we were off the Chick Fil-A for lunch and then to Chuck E Cheese to play games. After eating lunch, Leightyn, Mylea, and Macy played in the playroom. I love Chick Fil-A's playroom because it is made for little kids. They all had a blase hiding from each other and climbing around on the tree. After playing, we headed to Chuck E Cheese to use some game tokens that Santa left us. Leightyn and Landen played on the bigger games while I stayed with Macy and Mylea in the toddler area. Macy and Mylea had the time of their life! Complete smiles and laughs the entire time there. Leightyn told me that her and daddy had fun pretending to be firefighter on the fire game. When it was time to leave, we cashed in our tickets. Mylea and Macy each got a bracelet and Leightyn wanted candy (surprise surprise). I love "Fun Day Fridays"!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Crazy" Mom

I have officially been labelled "crazy" by Leightyn. Sunday night, I was wanting to get out of the house. I was thinking that if this ice storm really comes, I am going to go crazy stuck inside with three little ones. After church, I got Mylea ready for bed and decided to run to the store for a few things. Leightyn wanted to come along...well before long, we were at McDonalds playing and then decided to go see a movie. 9:35 last night, Leightyn and I, along with my mom (we talked her into coming with us) were at the movie theater ready to watch Hotel For Dogs. Leightyn said I was crazy because it was late and way past her bedtime. Oh well...she had a great time and loved the movie. It actually was a cute movie. Maybe she will sleep in Monday morning. Monday may end up being even crazier than planned because of our late night adventures. It will be worth it!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend in Tulsa

The girls and I spent last weekend in Tulsa with my mom and brother. We went back to the aquarium and Incredible Pizza. We tried Laser Tag but Leightyn wasn't to sure about the smoke and her clothes glowing in the dark. We went to Casa Bonita one night for supper. Leightyn thought that raising the flag for drinks or more food was cool. She loved the inside waterfall near our table. The hotel we stayed at had an indoor water park that is great for kids 4 and under. We spent many hours in the water. Leightyn loved getting to stay in the pool until 11pm. Mylea played in the water some (I never had my camera with me when she was in the water). Here are some pictures and videos from our trip. We had a great time getting away for a few days.

Mylea watching the turtles at the aquarium.

Leightyn feeding the turtles.
Can you say naptime?

Mommy and Leightyn at Incredible pizza

Leightyn playing minature bowling.

At Casa Bonita

Monday, January 12, 2009

Plasma Cars

The girls each got a plasma car for Christmas from Memaw and Jerry. These cars are a great toy. Leightyn loves it and Mylea is getting the hang of it. We have spent many hours outside and inside riding these. The good thing about these cars is that adults can ride on them too.

Two Peas In A Pod

Just had to share this picture of Leightyn and Mylea. I think it is priceless.