Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Lazy Week In Photos

Family Movie Night
 Unexpected Amount of Snow
 Landen and Mylea took the trash down to the mailbox. 
Landry was caught watching them out the window.
 Warming up after playing in the snow......such a hard life!
 Making brownies for dessert
 Enjoying breakfast in bed
 Watching Barney....Landry's new love
 Check out her shoes....

Snow Day

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Funday

Yesterday Mylea had a group of church friends over for a fun Valentines party. She mentioned having a party about a month ago,. but I honestly thought the idea would go away. Well, it didn't. She made invitations to hand out. Came up with a list of games to play, crafts she wanted to make, and what sounded good for snacks. So, a party we had. It's easy to bring this group home with us since they all return Sunday evenings for children's choir. 
The kids made glitter crafts outside after enjoying a pizza for lunch.

We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was beautiful outside!

We spent a couple hours swimming before getting ready to head back to church.

Hungry before church, the kids decorated sugar cookies to enjoy later.
So thankful for these kids and the love they have for my girls. Gonna be sad to see all but one of them move up to the youth group next year.

Our Week In Photos

Told Landry to say "cheese" and all I got was her tongue sticking out
 Special delivery from Uncle Nigel
 Play-doh fun 
 Pretending to be at the drive in our living room
 One for Landry and the rest for Nelly
 Ride time

Saluting Princess Landry when she arrived
It's a hard cream and a movie while on a short drive home
 Twins at church this week
 Family movie night

Valentines Date

Thursday night, Landen and I took Mylea out for a big girl night. She has been wanting to get her fingernails painted and her "feet washed" for about a month so we decided that now was the perfect time. She chose blue fingernails and red glitter toenails. Then she had white zebra stripes added to both. She is like her momma and daddy, when they turned her chair on, she sank down and the chair and said "yeah, this feels good". After we finished getting polished, we headed off for a quick dinner before returning back to Landry.

Love these big girl nights with Mylea!