Friday, October 10, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Saturday Adventures Gentry Safari

After Farmland Adventures, we headed up the road to the drive through safari. 
 Maribette has a love for animals. She wanted to feed and pet everything.
 Landry had fun but seemed to enjoy snacking on bread and carrots more that feeding the animals. 

Saturday was a long day but we had a fantastic time!

Saturday Fun Farmland Adventures

Saturday morning we loaded up the car and headed for a fun day in NWA. Our first stop was Farmland Adventures. We decided to check out a new pumpkin patch this year and now we are so glad we did. Farmland Adventures had so many fun things to do. We stayed about three hours and didn't finish everything.,
Our first stop was the corn maze. We stuck with the kiddie maze. Farmland offers a 9 acre maze. In case you get lost, there is an app that uses GPS to show you how to get out of the maze. The kiddie maze was long enough for the little ones. Throughout the maze, there were different stations set up to learn about early explorers. 
 When we came out of the maze, Maribette spotted the petting zoo and that's all that then mattered to her. Landry and Mylea went to jump around the hay.
 Plenty of animals to feed and play with. 
 Pony rides for all
 Pig races were a hit. We watched pigs of all sizes race for Oreo cookies.
Pedal Cart Races
 Who needs sand when you have a cornbox?
Pumpkin picking before we loaded up and headed to our next adventure. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dallas Day 2

Friday was full of plans and the girls were up early ready to go. Landry woke up asking to go back to the "zoo" (Rain Forrest). At any time during this trip if you were to ask Landry what she wanted to do, her answer was always "go back to the zoo". 
 After breakfast, we headed back to the outlet mall to finish up. We had a few stores to check out before having fun.
 During a wrong turn in road construction, I noticed a building named  KiD MaNiA and so we decided to go check it out. The girls loved it. We ended stayed for a couple of hours. This was the ultimate indoor playground.

 We decided to let the girls get a quick nap in before heading out for a late supper. Naps ended up becoming a circus show. Mylea was the ringleader and presented us with her jumping friends. 

 Around 9:30 we headed to eat. Good thing the girls took a good long nap!

My in "her own apartment" also known as the hotel living room.

Destination Dallas

A couple weeks ago, we headed to Dallas for a few days. My mom and I went on down Thursday with the guys planning on joining us Friday afternoon. The drive was quick and the little ones did great. We stopped in Allen to hit up the outlet mall for fall clothes. I'm so glad we shopped on Thursday cause there was nobody there. It took us about 4 hours to get through the entire mall (entire as in just the kid stores) and by now the chocolate strawberries and suckers from the candy store had wore off and it was time for some food. We headed to Rain Forrest Cafe. This restaurant is always a hit when we are in the area. I wasn't sure how the two little ones would do but they loved it. Landry was amazed at all the animals and getting to eat "in the zoo". Maribette didn't adventure out alone to explore but she did love it. 
 Break stop in Oklahoma. 
Mylea decided my mom needed a clean car so she grabbed a paper towel and started washing. 
 Outlet shopping Rule #1
If the girls are good in the store, they get to ride the quarter rides. 
Whoever put these rides in has made a killing!

 Winter accessories
 Taking in the show at Rain Forrest