Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Fun

This morning, after library, Mylea and I spent a few hours with Jo.

We made a quick stop at the farmers market to pick up some okra and squash.

Our next stop was "Yobby Yobby" (Hobby Lobby) to check out their fall decorations. Mylea fell in love with the scarecrows. She had a mommy, a daddy, a sister, and baby picked out.

The baby scarecrow ended up in the stroller.
We went to Joe's pasta for lunch. We met Uncle Bill and Aunt Darla there. Mylea was a toot during lunch. She pretended to be grandad while eating.
After lunch we ran to Sams. The girls love the food samples in Sams. Nothing like an icee and free samples.
Mylea really enjoyed the green olive stuffed with garlic.....YUCK!
It was a great day!

Singing In The Rain

Night At The Greenwood Fair

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This morning, Mylea and I headed to the library. Now that school has begun, storytime has gotten bac to the normal well-behaved group. Mylea had a better time today than she did last week. She was excited to see Vivi, Annabelle, and Alex.
After library, we headed to Chick-Fil-A to meet Ms. Courtney and Baby Bryson for lunch. Mylea couldn't wait to see Bryson.
Thanks Ms Courtney for the invite! Mylea was so happy to see "that baby". We'll have to do it again soon.


Ava Grace and Edy Rose (along with Mr. Graham and Ms. Leslie) are back home for the week. Ms Leslie and the girls have been visiting the grandparents while Mr Graham began his new position in Texas. We were sad to see them go but really happy to see them here for the week.

Last night, Mylea and Ava Grace got to play together while the adults caught up on life. MyMy was so excited to have a play buddy. They played dress-up, vacation Bible school, princess', and ring around the rosey. After eating, the girls enjoyed some ice cream and sprinkles....well, more like just sprinkles.

I am so happy that Mylea gets to play with Ava Grace this week!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Daddy Date

Sorry this blog is behind. I am hoping to get better next week.

Last Friday, daddy and Mylea went on a date. Daddy took Mylea to the "train" park to play and get snow cones. After the park, Daddy took Mylea to get her fingernails painted.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twist and Shout

Mylea enjoyed telling daddy and Barry how to play Twister.

Sleepy Sleepy Mylea

I think it's way past bedtime!!!!!!

Beauty and the Beast

Last Wednesday, my mom, dad, brother, myself, and Landen took Leightyn and Mylea to Fayetteville to see "Beauty and the Beast". The girls had never see "Beauty and the Beast" until this past January when we went to Disney. The girls fell in love with Belle and the Beast.

When we arrived at the theater, we learned that we had first row seats. When the girls realized how close Belle and the Beast were going to be, they were scared! Mylea wanted to leave and Leightyn just wasn't sure.

When the show started, the girls were in LOVE! Leightyn just sat in awe through the entire show. She loved the costumes, the singing, and the dancing.

During the songs, Leightyn sang right along with them. She was belting them out! When the song ended, she clapped as loud and fast as she could.

As soon as the show ended, Leightyn and Mylea were ready to watch it again. They both asked if we could come back tomorow.

I am so thankful we took this family outing. Little did we know what was to come in 48 hours. These pictures were taken Wednesday night. It goes to show how quickly your life can change and how quickly your heart can be ripped out.

Library Craft Day