Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus

We had a birthday celebration first thing Christmas morning. After the girls woke up, looked outside to see if there was still snow on the ground, and quickly peeked under the tree for Santa gifts, we sat at the kitchen table and celebrated Jesus' birthday. Landen read the Christmas story and then we talked about it and asked Leightyn questions. The girls said prayers and then we sang Happy Birthday before blowing out the candles.

Christmas Eve Snow

Ready for Santa

Cookies for Santa?.....check
Carrots for the reindeer?.....check
Milk for Sants?.....check


Christmas Eve

Early in the afternoon, we headed to my parents house for Christmas with my mom's family. Not every one could make it due to the coming weather....but we still had a great time. Leightyn and Mylea could not wait to see my cousins: Jessica, Josh, and especially Jonathan. The girls love being with them and getting all of their attention.

After eating some great fingerfoods, the girls got to open their presents. They got pj's, books, movies, gowns, and talking stuffed animals. Thanks everyone for the gifts....we have already worn the pj's several times and enjoyed the GiGi and Wolly movies.

Family Time

Since we would be doing a lot of traveling for Christmas, we had our family time a couple of days before Christmas. Leightyn and Mylea were anxious all day for present time. Once the girls got their gifts, they could only open one at a time and had to watch each other open their gifts. Both girls did great waiting on the other one to open a present before opening another present. It was fun watching them ohh and ahh over each other's gifts. It was a great night watching the girls and then spending the rest of the evening playing with all of the toys......without having to hurry up and get to the next house.

Phone Call to Santa

Leightyn made an important phone call to Santa right before Christmas. She needed to remind him of a few presents she really wanted and to let him know that she was still being a good girl and that she has been helping her mommy around the house. During the conversation, she found out which cookies were his favorites and how many carrots the reindeer would eat.

Thanks dad...I mean "Santa" for being available to talk to Leightyn

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Can We Open Just One.....PLEASEEEEE"

We let the girls open "just one" present Tuesday night.

Leightyn and Mylea had to pick out the perfect present.

They took their time opening their gift.

Leightyn got a great game named "Tip It". I do mean great......we have played this several times. The game is fun and challenging for kids and adults.

Mylea got an Elmo doll. She has hugged on him and pushed him in the stroller over and over today.

Game Day Monday

All the game playing made the girls hot and tired.

Merry Christmas

Merry CHRISTmas from our family to yours!

Christmas With Grandad, Jo, Grandma Nancy, and Uncle Nigel

4 Generations

Ready to Eat

Present Time!!!!