Monday, September 30, 2013

NYC: Up and At Em

Someone woke up early and got herself completely ready without waking up Momma and Daddy

 A fresh cup of coffee and we are ready to see the sights

NYC: Statue of Liberty

When planning our vacation, the idea of NYC came from Mylea's love of the Statue of Liberty and "Annie". We aren't sure when Mylea came to love Ms. Liberty but she was ecstatic to finally see the Big Statue. 
Walking to the ferry and Mylea could see the statue way out in the distance.
 Ready to get on the ferry

 First view of the Statue while passing by on the ferry
 Loving it

 Having fun around the Statue

 View of the city

Sunday Morning Sweetness

It's not very easy to get a GOOD picture these days....

Little Kids Everywhere

Not So Little Anymore

Taking a break from vacation updates so that I can keep our daily life happenings in order.

Landry and Maribette stayed with Landen's parents while we were away. 
Little Maribette decided to grow up and learn to crawl.

Girls Night

Friday evening the boys headed to Yankee Stadium to catch a game. Mylea, my mom, and myself had our on planes. First on the agenda was the American Girl store. We were there for what seemed like hours! It was 3 stories with lots to look at. This store was outrageous! There was a doll hospital, hair salon, cafe that served you and your doll, displays for all the retired dolls, etc. 

 Mylea loves the original dolls (Molly, Emily, Samatha, and Kit). She received Molly for her birthday and picked out Kit in NYC. We even had her ears pierced and gave her some hearing aids. 
The 2013 American Girl named Saige.
 We had supper at Guy Fieri's restaurant. It was alright. We ended the night with some sightseeing before we decided to hop of the double decker bus and take a night tour through Manhattan, the little communities, and Brooklyn. 

 The crowds on a Friday night
When the tour was finished, we met up with the guys at Junior's Cheesecake for a late late night dessert. Poor Mylea fell asleep at the table for her cheesecake arrived.

First Day Sight Seeing This And That

Ready to see the town
 The first of many character greetings
 First view of Times Square
 Sightseeing on the Double Decker Bus
 Hailing her first taxi
 Waiting for the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty
 City view from ferry landing
 First view of the Statue
 A little scary??

Tired and it's only the first afternoon