Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silly Stickers

Locomotion Fun Day

Tuesday we headed to Locomotion in Fayetteville with a bunch of church kids. Mylea couldn't wait for this day to get here. This was Mylea's first year to get to go, but she loves to look at pictures of Leightyn riding go-carts and bumper boats. It was a bittersweet day without Leightyn, but Mylea had a ball!

Hailie, Maddie, Robert, and Mylea wearing grey for Leightyn

Quick lunch before the fun begins

Mylea not wanting to pose for pictures. She's ready to have fun!

Bumper boats with Faith and Hayden. Mylea wasn't sure that she wanted to get wet.

Not happy about getting wet. She quickly wanted out when she realized how cold the water was.

Ready to drive go-carts all by herself.

And off she goes...

Feeling the need for speed.

Playing laser tag with her friends.

The vest and gun got heavy after a few games so Mylea took them off and ran around playing hide and go seek in the dark.

"Playing" putt putt

Woo Hoo.... A Hole In One.....if it counts when you just drop the ball in the hole.

Quick snack before heading back home

Monday, March 14, 2011

Aa Princess School

Making an A out of stickers.
School work is "soooooo hard"
Silly princess face

Play By Play

Climbing the Tower

About 125 steps up the tower.....
Looking down to see where PaPaw is standing.
About 200 steps up the tower. "Daddy, I'm tired...Can you carry me?"

About 280 steps up the tower. Time to take a break and take a picture!
300 steps from the bottom. PaPaw is standing down there somewhere! He was on the yelow arrow at the bottom of the picture.
View from the top
309 steps from the bottom. Mylea was tired!!!!!

Way To Go Tigers!!!!!

Friday afternoon we headed to Hot Springs to cheer on the West Fork Tigers in the state championship game. Mylea was so excited all week to see Ms. Kelly, Jordyn, "My Friend" Jassa, "That Boy" Josh, and Mr. David. She had been asking all week when we were going to go to Hot Springs to watch the basketball game. We have been to several West Fork games this season, and Mylea has loved every game......well, other than the mascots being at the games!! Headed to Summit Arena. Ready to see friends and cheer on the Tigers!

Go Tigers Go!!! Every once in a while, Mylea would cheer "Go Mr. David"
Mylea enjoyed being entertained by the student section. She was happy to see Jassa in the group and had fun cheering for Jassa.
The guys played great and we have enjoyed being at their games this year. Mylea has loved being a part of the Ferrell family during the season.
After the game, we had to get a picture with Ms. Kelly and Jassa. "Cause we match" said Mylea!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So, tonight while we were out, I notice this shirt. The person wearing the shirt was not with our group. How neat it is to see people wearing Leightyn's shirt around town!!!!!

Fun At Pizza Warehouse

Library Time

Shake Shake Shake

Mylea, Ms. Robyn, and Fred the Library Dog

Loving the bean bottles

Great Story

Playing Checkers