Monday, October 27, 2008

Reading Girl

Just wanted to share a video of Leightyn "reading" (because it is memorized) her favorite book "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear".

Pumpkin Fun

We carved pumpkins Monday night with Bethany, Curtis, Macy, and my mom and dad. Leightyn wanted a Minnie Mouse pumpkin and a Buzz Light Year pumpkin. When my dad saw the patterns we were using to make the characters, he gave us a hard time about not making a plain old jack o lantern. Leightyn wasn't sure about the gooey stuff inside the pumpkin. She enjoyed sitting and watching us carve the pumpkins while she ate candy.

Leightyn put her hand in the pumpkin two times and decided that she didn't like the icky stuff.

Posing with her buddy.

Mylea and Macy really didn't care about carving pumpkins.

Bethany worked hard tracing the Buzz Lightyear for our pumpkin. At one point, she agreed with my dad that a regular pumpkin face would be much easier.

Landen worked hard on his Minnie Mouse pumpkin. When asked how it was going, he replied with "S U C K S...maybe it will be finished for next year".

Mylea and Grandma Jo sharing some candy corn.

Macy and her daddy

This is our Buzz pattern. After we traced the pattern, Bethany and I secretly decided that it was going to be crazy to do this and turned our pumpkin into this.......

Landen didn't think it was very funny when he saw our old plain Jack O Lantern pumpkin. Every one else got a huge kick out of our suprise.

I must admit that Landen's Minnie Mouse pumpkin looked great!

Twirling Makes Us Silly

Hairy Girls

Just had to share these pictures of Macy and Mylea with lots and lots of hair!

Lite Brite Fun

Leightyn has a new favorite toy. I bought a Lite Bright many years ago when KB Toys closed in the mall. The box has been in our game closet since we moved in this house. I never let Leightyn play with it because I was afraid she would lose the pegs or lose interest in finishing a picture. Boy, was I wrong! Leightyn can't wait for Mylea to take a nap so she can play with the Lite Brite. (Naptime is the only time she gets to play with it). Below are some pictures of her creations.

Mr. Potato Head
Grandma Nancy's Birthday Cake

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandma Nancy!!

We celebrated Grandma Nancy's 92nd birthday Sunday at Mom and Dad's house. Family members came over for hamburgers and hot dogs. Leightyn was excited to go to another birthday party, but didn't understand why there were no balloons and candles. Grandma Jo has told Leightyn that they will go one day soon and pick out some balloons and a cake with candles for Grandma Nancy. Happy Birthday Grandma! You have taught me many things and I have many menories with you and love seeing my girls bond with you.

Grandma Nancy, Leightyn, and Grandma Jo

Mylea, Grandma Nancy, and Leightyn

Mylea and Leightyn playing in the ice chest.

Mylea pretending to drink

Happy Birthday Grandma Nancy!!

Playing After The Dentist

You never would have guessed that Leightyn just got home from the dentsit.

Dentist Visit

We just got home from the dentist. They did not put Leightyn out. She had to drink some smelly sticky medicine (she did not swallow half of it) and then gave her some laughing gas. The nurse said that she made it fine during the beginning but became alert towards the end and was mad at all of them and crying. Leightyn is saying that her mouth hurts, but other than that, she seems to be fine. As I write this, she is playing outside. We go back next Thursday to finish this process. Thanks for your prayers.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Say A Prayer For Leightyn

We took Leightyn for a dentist visit back in July. We noticed some problems when her teeth a long time ago, but children can not go to the dentist until they are 3. Anyways, so at her first dental appointment, I was told that she needed some major work done on her teeth. I left the dentist office feeling like I was a horrible mom and that I did not take care of my children. My mom and dad urged me to get a second opinion on Lei's teeth so we headed to Mansfield to see Dr. Brown. After x-rays and an exam, he explained to me that Leightyn has soft enamel. This is a genetic condition that causes her enamel to chip off when eating or brushing her teeth. He encouraged us to see a specialist to have her teeth bonded and then a protective coat on top. So... all that being said, Leightyn goes Wednesday morning to being 1 of 2 visits to fix her teeth. She will be put out and it takes around 3 or 4 hours. I have been told that she will not feel anything and will be fine when she wakes up. So...please say a prayer for her in the morning. I will let you know how the appointment goes.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Kearstyn!!

We heading to Clarksville this afternoon to celebrate Kearstyn's birthday. The party was at the bowling alley. This bowling alley is where I took bowling with Landen while in college (who even knew that bowling counted as a credit?!?!?!.... and was the same place that I became intramural bowling champs with BJ and Josh). Anyways, so we went bowling, ate pizza and cake. Leightyn got caught several times sticking her fingers in the side of the cake icing. Mylea just wasn't happy unless she was in to something or trying to get out on the bowling floor.

Mike helping Leightyn bowl

Kearstyn blowing out her candles

Mylea and PaPaw

Pinata Time

Mylea cheering as the candy fell


Mylea, Charlene, and Leightyn

Mylea was STARVING!!!

Look at me throw a fit

It's heavy momma!

Friday Family Movie Night

Friday night we had no plans so we decided to have a family movie night. After supper, we all got ready to go to the Holmes' movie theater. Leightyn and I walked next door to borrow some popcorn for the popcorn machine from our neighbors (I promise we will get some popcorn soon and refill your stash Bethany and Curtis) and then returned home to get out PJs on while the popcorn popped. With popcorn and drinks in out hand, we were ready for our movie. We watch the Pirates Veggie Tales movie. It was a good kids movie that taught about how God uses every day people to become heroes for Him.

"In this movie, you will discover what it means to be a real hero! True heroes are those who do what they know is right, no matter how difficult it is. They don't need strength, beauty or extraordinary achievements... they trust God to supply all they need for the adventure ahead!"

Leightyn was dressed the part for the movie. Lei Lei and Daddy snacking on popcorn.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Party

After the pumpkin patch, everyone headed back to our house for some scary snacks and games. The kids seemed to love the games this year. The little ones had no problems getting yucky. They went bobbing for apples, pumpkin hunting, candy relay, used their teeth to find gummy worms in colored spaghetti, and used their teeth to find gummy parts in cool whip. Leightyn told me that the spaghetti and cool whip were her favoritest games. So I guess we will play them again next year.