Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A God Moment In The Operating Room

Just have to share this moment from Landen......

So I have GOT to share our "God Moment" from yesterday (besides the obvious miracle of birth). It had been a long day, and the baby wasn't cooperating (must have been the Bearden in her). So after the epidural had quite working twice, (we'll skip the part where I got "light heading" watching them redo the epidural ..... ok ok so I passed out, yes I'm one of those dads! Hey, I'm blaming it on low blood sugar)) Miss was hurting and "ready to be done". Since there had been no progress made in three hours, and the baby wasn't positioned quite right, our Dr. (who we love), decided for a c section. Getting prepped and ready in a fashionable "hazmat suit", they asked what we would like to listen to during the surgery. Ummm ... Christan please! So, they got her started and a few minutes later at EXACTLY the same moment that they pulled Landry out of Miss' tummy, "I Still Believe" by Jeremy Camp, started playing on the radio. You see that is one of the two songs that we played at Lei's funeral. Talk about making a grown man ball like a baby, that just topped off such an emotional experience. God just reminding me (and Miss) "Your ok, Lei's ok, and Just continue to BELIEVE in me, I will take care of you!" Amazing, Simply amazing! Everyday there are things in life that cause us to question, but no matter what we MUST keep the faith! Thank You all for the kind words, thoughts, prayers, and encouragement for me and my family, and may God Bless you as much as He so undeserving continues to bless me and my family!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tulsa Trip

While Uncle Nigel was here, a quick trip to Tulsa was planned. We love Tulsa and love going there when we get a chance! Mylea, Jo, and Nigel planned a day trip with all of Mylea's favorite activities.

Putt Putt at Incredible Pizza

Miniature Bowling at Incredible Pizza

Playing Games and Riding Rides at Incredible Pizza

Go-Cart Winners at Incredible Pizza

Tulsa Mall and the Disney Store

Carousel at the Mall

Jobs Of A Big Sister

Mylea's biggest task as a big sister.......changing the dirty diapers!

Big Sister Meets Little Sisiter

The Toots waiting on the arrival of a brother or a sister.
Checking out the babies in the nursery.
First look at Landry.
Big Sister Mylea checking out her new little sis.
Checking her out
One proud daddy...glad it's finally over!
Telling Landry bye while she goes to get checked out.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday School Sisters

Big sis and little sis ready for a morning at church

Sister TIme

Two happy sisters hanging out waiting on daddy to begin the Bible Study.

Trip to XNA

Uncle Nigel came for a visit a few weeks ago. Mylea, Jo, Landry, and I loaded up and made a trip to XNA to bring Nigel back to Ft. Smith. Mylea loves going to pick up and drop off Uncle Nigel. Not only is it s fun trip, the airport has two different play areas that Mylea thinks are the greatest.
Someone was excited to see Uncle Nigel walking through the airport!
Waiting for him to come across the line.
Meeting Landry for the first time.

Mylea showing us how fast her shoes make her. More on those famous shoes later....
After meeting our aunt Dell for lunch, we made a quick pit stop before heading back home. Mylea couldn't wait to show Landry around Rick's Bakery.

As you can tell, Landry was real interested in the tour of the bakery.

Hanging Out At Home

First Family Outing

Sunday morning, we went on our first family outing. We got up, got dressed, and headed to church. I couldn't wait to get out of the house. Mylea couldn't wait to show off her sister. I knew that all the church members couldn't wait to meet little Landry. Little Landry was only 4 days old and did great in church!