Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

Little Rock Zoo

While in Little Rock, we spent Saturday at the zoo. We met several friends and family members at the park outside of the zoo for a picnic lunch. The girls loved playing in the park with many hiding spots.

Leightyn playing in the fort.

Daddy's girl

Swinging Sisters

How precious! Deep in thought

After playing for a bit, we loaded up and headed to the zoo.The girls loved the animals. Leightyn tells us that her favorite animal was the "monkey that kept playing with its bottom". Oh well! Mylea laughed at the monkeys that were swinging around their cages.

The elephants were "stinkin" according to Leightyn and WeWe.

Running through the petting zoo.

Our two wild and crazy animals!

Heading out of Little Rock

Disney On Ice

Last Friday, we went to Little Rock to see Disney On Ice. The show was awesome. Leightyn loved it! The show was a brief retelling on many Disney movies. Leightyn liked the Little Mermaid the best because there was a bubble machine. We can't wait to go back next time.

Leightyn and Riley before the show

T-Ball Time

Leightyn had her first t-ball practice last week. She is super excited about it. The kids were cute and very funny throughout practice. Team Phillipians are looking for a championship this year.

Team Phillipians

Coach Landen and Coach Chad


Running the Bases

Get your elbows in the right spot

Mylea enjoying the team snacks

Throwing the ball

Leightyn and Logan playing catch

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yummy to my Tummy

Supper must have been really delicious last night.

Grillin Party

While eating breakfast Saturday, Landen and I decided that it was a perfect day to grill. We ended up asking Curtis, Bethany, Macy, Leslie, Graham, Ava, Ashley, Chad, Logan, and Laney over for a potluck cook-out.

The kids had a great time playing together. There were kids on the swing set, in the sandbox, in the playhouse, and playing on the patio. It was so much fun watching all of them play together.

The kids had fun eating at their own table. They all had the same food, but for some reason, food on each other's plate tasted so much better.

After eating, Landen and Chad decided to start T-Ball practice early. It was the most adorable game. The kids didn't understand the hitting and running part, but they all had huge smiles. Nest year, we will have half a T-ball team just from these kids.

After T-ball, the guys played ball outside while we played with the kids inside. Dress-up was so funny. All the kids dressed up in many different types of outfits. The child that had the most fun would have been....

Nope, not Laney....

Nope...Not Macy.... was Logan. (Sorry Chad....but I had to post this)

Easter Sunday

Easter morning was cold and rainy but we still had a great day.

Mylea found some candy to eat before heading to church.

Leightyn picked out her dress this year. She wanted Mylea to match her.

How cure are they!!!!

A quick family picture. Can you tell that Mylea was tired of "cheese" and needed a nap?

Leightyn and Uncle Nigel hid eggs inside since the weather was nasty outside.