Monday, July 27, 2009

Aa Apple

Today during"school" we worked on Aa apple. Leightyn wrote many "a"s for me. She also completed several pages that had her find the A's, match pictures to the A, write more A's, and color to find a hiding picture of an apple. Leightyn LOVES "school" time.

While Leightyn works, Mylea and Macy work in their coloring books or doodle on paper. Mylea enjoys getting the stickers out and decorating her arms.

After we finished our school work, we headed outside to make an apple tree using out fingers and finger prints. These girls LOVE to paint.

Leightyn proudly showing off her "Aa Apple" artwork.

Day at Grannie's

Friday evening we headed to Waldron to stay at Grannie's house. The girls were excited to see PaPaw, Miss Mel, Charlene, and Larry.

Before supper, Leightyn helped daddy mow the yard and Mylea played on the slide.

Leightyn was excited to see Miss Mel's puppy dogs. The girls even had fun playing in the dog cage.

After the girls had gone to bed, we enjoyed a l0ooong game of crazy train dominoes.

Saturday morning, Leightyn went fishing with every one while Mylea, Charlene, and I stayed back at the house.

After lunch, we checked out the veggies in the garden. The girls found the pear tree. Leightyn would shake the branches to knock the pears off and then Mylea would pick them up off the ground.

The cows enjoyed the pears. Mylea was waiting for the horses to come eat her pears.

We had a good time just hanging out doing nothing.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outside Fun

We are loving this great weather! The girls have spent a lot of time playing outside lately. Tonight, the girls played in the sprinkler, rode bikes, and played on the teeter totter.

Leightyn is doing a great job riding her bike. The video below shows her and Mylea's riding skills. Leightyn loves to do circles on her bike.

Busy Busy Day

We had a busy busy day. The girls and I left the house early this morning and headed to the library for story time. We look forward to this every Tuesday and Thursday morning. During story time, the girls dance, sing, and listen to several stories. Leightyn likes craft time the best. Mylea enjoys snack time.

After story time, we headed to MLK park to play at the splashpad and playground. Mylea wasn't having much fun at it today. She was ready to go home, get some lunch, and take a nap. Leightyn played and played. Her favorite thing at the splashpad is the water guns and the water dropping buckets. Macy liked the sprinklers.

After the splashpad, we headed to lunch with my mom and brother. The girls love going to eat chips and dip. When we finished eating, we walked to the ice cream store. The girls were super excited about getting ice cream.

Fun Night For The Kids

Tuesday night we had a fun play night for several kids at our house. Chad came over with Logan and Laney. We missed Ashley, who was out of town for work. Curtis, Bethany, and Macy walked over from next door. Also, Graham, Leslie, and Ava Grace came down. We inflated the bounce around for the kids to play on. Since it was still wet outside, we decided to put it in the girls' bedroom. We had to move their beds out and rearrange the furniture. The bounce around barely fit, but we managed to get it in the room. The kids had fun on it. At one point, they were all doing "booty" drops. Towards the end of the night, the kids had several balls in the bounce around with them.

We spent some time also playing outside. We took all the play dough out for every one to play with. We made pizzas, snakes, cake with candles, and jewelry. I am not sure who ate the most play dough.

Leightyn, Mylea, Logan, Laney, Macy, and Ava Grace all had a blast playing together. We love having every one over for weekly fun nights.