Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disney Day 3

Since we didn't get in to bed until after 2:00 am, we headed out late Monday morning. Mylea woke up ready to go. We had zebras and giraffes outside our resort room this morning.
We jumped on the Magical Express and headed to the Magic Kingdom.
Before eating lunch at Tony's Town Square (the restaurant in Lady and the Tramp), we made a quick detour to meet Rapunzel.
After lunch, we found the perfect spot to watch the afternoon parade. Mylea loved every minute of it! She got the chance to shake hands and high five many characters.

After the parade, we set out to find more characters and ride a few rides.
Hiding in the park, was Peter Pan.
Rosetta was in Pixie Hollow along with...
We wanted to cool off so we went on a jungle boat safari ride.

Now we were off to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Mylea did not want to ride this dark water ride, but we finally convinced her to get on the boat.
While waiting to watch The Country Bear Jamboree, Landen had to fight off a scary little pirate!

After the singing bears, we found a front row seat for the Electro-Magic parade.

Before loading up to head back to the resort, we made a quick stop at Goofy's Candy Co.
Mylea enjoyed a 3 foot pixie stick....which is still three quarters the way full as I type this!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Disney Day 2

Sunday morning, Mylea woke up bright and early ready for a fun day. We didn't tell her what was planned for breakfast.
We stayed at the Animal Kingdom resort. This morning we had the chance to watch the zebras eat breakfast.

We loaded on to the Disney Express and headed to Epcot for the day. Once at Epcot, we made the quick walk to Norway for breakfast with the Princess'.
Inside the door, Belle was ready for a picture. Mylea loves Belle and was so excited to see her!
Throughout breakfast, we got to meet Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel.

After breakfast, we rode a few rides at Epcot before heading back to the hotel for a quick break from the heat.
Back at the hotel, Mylea received a surprise package from all her Disney Princess friends.

Instead of taking a nap, we headed to the pool area. This hotel had a great area for Mylea! She loved the splash pad and playground. The pool area had several slides, but My wasn't to sure about them on this day!
We didn't get the chance to play for long since the daily afternoon rain shower turned in to a storm.
After a quick nap, we loaded up and headed back to the Magic Kingdom.
Landen, Mylea, and I headed to the Buzz Lightyear ride while Jo and Nigel saved us spots for the night parade.
It took a LOT of convincing and promising to get Mylea on this ride. She didn't want to go in the dark and was afraid that Buzz would scare her. Once she got on the ride, she loved it!
Next we watched the nightly Electro-Magic parade. All of the floats and characters in this parade are covered in Christmas Lights!

Mylea loved the parade and loved waving at all of the characters!
After the parade, we enjoyed fireworks around the castle.

Since we were staying on Disney grounds, we had passes for extra hours at the Magic Kingdom. This particular night, the magic Kingdom stayed open until 1:00am....and we took advantage of every extra minute!!!!
We rode the carousal and It's A Small World.
Mylea couldn't get enough of the teacups!
Off to Goofy's go-carts....
where Mylea got to drive FAST!!!!!
We left the park after 1 am with a very tired but happy girl!!!