Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Disney Day 1

Our Disney adventure began on Saturday, September 17th. Our flight from Ft. Smith was scheduled to leave at 6:30 am. We arrived at the airport around 5:30 all excited to get on the plane and go. Our excitement quickly turned to frustration when we noticed that our flight was delayed. The next flight to Dallas would not be until 10:30. This was really hard for Mylea to understand! She thought that we were not going to Disney at all.

When the time came to finally leave, Mylea couldn't wait to get to Disney. On the way to Dallas, she entertained herself by making a gummy bear parade on her seat tray.
Once in Dallas, we had a quick lunch before catching our flight to Orlando. Mylea finally fell asleep during this plane ride.
When we arrived in Orlando, we had to make the trek to the Disney Express to catch our shuttle bus to our resort. While checking in with Express, Mylea noticed a familiar face sitting in the lobby....Uncle Nigel met up with us for Mylea's birthday trip!
After we checked in at the Animal Kingdom resort, we had just a few minutes until we had to leave for a special surprise at the Magic Kingdom!
At the Magic Kingdom, Mylea had no idea what her surprise was. She wasn't to happy when she saw Daisy Duck, Pluto, and Chip and Dale at the entrance. My first thought was "oh no...this is going to be a long week"!
Like I said...Mylea wasn't to thrilled to see the characters, but she was excited to see the castle.
We love this magical place!
Since our luggage hadn't arrived yet, Mylea didn't have any other clothes to wear to her surprise. So, we made a quick stop at the Princess store before telling her that she was going to be having supper in Cinderella's castle with all the Princess'. Now she looked like a princess ready to dine with royalty!
When Mylea entered the castle, she was greeted by Cinderella.
During supper, Mylea enjoyed visits with Princess Auora (Sleeping Beauty).
Belle came to visit with the birthday girl.
Snow White came without her seven dwarfs.
And last, but not least, a visit with Ariel.
During the meal, all of the prince and princess' waved their magic wands and wished that all their dreams would come true.
Before we left, we celebrated Mylea's birthday with a cake at the castle.

What a great first night at Disney!!!

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