Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chuck E Cheese Party

After Mylea's fun day, we headed to Chuck E Cheese to meet some family members for a small party. Everyone had fun playing games and winning tickets for Mylea. Mylea had fun with the games but really wanted to get to the presents and birthday cookie!

Surprise Surprise....Mylea picked out a Smurf cookie!!!

After opening presents from from aunts, uncles, and cousins, Mylea had one big present left!
When she unwrapped it and found out it was a suitcase, she replied "I already have one of these!". We told her that maybe there was something inside.....

She wasn't to sure or happy about it being stuffed with tissue paper. Keep digging we told her!

"Why is my Mickey and Minnie in here?"

These are my ears.....
I told her that for her birthday we were going to be taking a trip to Disney. She replied "yeah...I've been there before". Not the reaction I was hoping for!!!

I don't think the trip settled in her mind right away. The next morning she asked me if we were going to Disney. When I told her yes, her face lit up and she gave me a big hug. The countdown has begun for September 17th!

After presents, Mylea took on the responsibility of cutting the cookie. Her only rule was that no one could eat Papa Smurf.

After a few more games, everyone gave their tickets to Mylea. She was so excited to cash in the tickets for a 3 foot tall Chuck E balloon!

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