Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Sunday Morning Sweetness

A Day in Tulsa

Big Toot and Little Bit

Spring Break Adventure #3

On Friday, both of the Ryan's came to spend the day and night with us.
We started with an early morning swim.
Not sure who had more fun with the pool toys!

After a long swim, we headed to the afternoon movie.
Some one enjoyed the extra attention.
After all the rain we got last week, we weren't sure if the frog eggs would survive. A quick trip to the creek proved that the eggs were ok and some have become tadpoles.
Looking for the perfect rock to skip.

Exploring the woods.
Time to eat!!!
And a surprise birthday cake for Ryan
Time to watch movie and think about going to bed.

Spring Break Adventure #2

Tuesday night Macy came over to spend the night with us.
The girls got dirty outside and had to go for a swim in the bath.
Doing some crafts with each other.

My Girl

Spring Break Adventure #1

Last week was Spring Break and we enjoyed every day of it!

The rain came (like always) so our plans to spend one day at Locomotion and another day at the Safari were cancelled and we quickly came up with some Plan B's.

Sunday night, Mylea had 3 girls from church over to spend the night. Talk about a lot of giggles and funny stories! I think my favorite part of the night was when they headed to bed...well, laughed and talked and giggled for about thirty minutes. Landen and I later talked about how it felt normal to have a house full of giggling girls. What a great night!!
Enjoying a snack after church
Little Miss got lots of attention from the girls
Playing in the clubhouse. The older girls were trying to teach My how to do her fingers and pose ...looks like she needs more practice!
The weather was perfect. We spent most of Monday outside.
Taking a walk to check out the tadpoles in the creek.
Ryan came over to hang out Monday's a good thing that he came....he was in charge of the wagon rides. The girls sang silly songs at the top of their lungs while riding in the wagon.
Swimming time
Lunch break at McDonalds. No one wanted to play....they all wanted to go back to the "woods" and play. Not sure what kind of face Mylea was trying to make.
Fun times with great friends!!

Thank You God for Mylea's special friends!!