Sunday, June 19, 2011

How Mylea Spent Her Time At Church Camp (Part 1)

Doing arts and crafts
Learning Bible verses
Playing team building games
Wearing Grey for Leightyn
Giving Make-overs
Playing with the sleeping bags
Getting make-overs
Watching for deer
Being silly
Spending time with friends

Spelling With Daddy

Only Daddy can use a snack to teach a spelling lesson!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sleeping Buddies

Making Daddy A Cake

Mylea wanted to make a cake for her she did!

Step 1: Make sure you have all the ingredients

Step 2: Carefully pour mix in a bowl.

Step 3: Add oil and water

Step 4: Be careful when cracking the eggs

Step 5: Mix all the ingredients

Step 6: Do a quick taste test

Step 7: Add some food coloring to the cake

Step 8: Swirl the food coloring around

Step 9: Add some chocolate icing to the colorful cake

Step 10: Decorate

Finally, wait for Daddy to come home and enjoy the cake!