Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's Go To The Dr

As we were driving by the hospital today this was my conversation with Leightyn...

Lei: that your dr?
Me: Yes
Lei: That is the dr Uncle Nigel took me to when you got Mylea
Me: That's right
Lei: I want to go there right now
Me: You what?
Lei: I want to go to your dr
Me: Why?
Lei: Cause I want a brother
Me: You can't just go get a brother
Lei: went and you got me a go get me a brother....i'm gonna call
daddy and tell him that we are going to bring a brother home
Me: have to's not that easy
Lei: (after thinking) Can we go get some chips and dip?
Me: Are you hungry?
Lei: No...PaPaw brought chips and dip when you had Mylea so we need some chips and dip to
eat while we wait on a brother....ok mom

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Vivi clapping and singing the ABCs
Leightyn yelling at Elmo to come see her shirt
Vivi and Lei with their Elmo lights

Friday night I took Leightyn and ViVi (Landen's cousins daughter) to see Elmo Live at the civic center. I must admit that the show was great and worth the price of tickets. We left Waldron shortly after Grannie's funeral. Since Grannie's house was full of people, I decided to come to Fort Smith early and let the girls play at McDonalds. They had so much fun chasing each other up and down the slides and hiding in the tunnels. From McDonalds we went to see Elmo. The show was from 7:00-8:35. It was very entertaining and keep the kids attention (the last 15 minutes of the show could have been cut out....the kids were tired of sitting by then). Leightyn and Vivi sang and danced most of the evening. They loved seeing Elmo, Zoey, and Oscar the Grouch. When the show ended, we went back to McDonalds for ice cream before heading back to Waldron. In the car, I told the girls they needed to get some sleep because we had had long few days and had a long trip back to Grannies. They both talked and sang nonstop and then all of the sudden it was silent. They were both out for the night.

It's Been Almost A Month....Wow

I didn't realize that it has been almost a month since I last wrote. We have been busy busy busy. We have spent the last four weekends in Waldron. For those who hadn't heard....Grannie Holmes had a massive stroke the middle of July. She went home on August 20. It was hard to see her in the bed there but not really there. We all know that she is in a better place now. Leightyn went to visit her several times (we told her that Grannie has a belly ache and a was sleeping to feel better). One weekend she asked me if Grannie was mad at her and I said "no....why?". She said "well, I talk to her and sing to her and she won't talk she is mad or really sleepy". I went with the really sleepy answer. So that next trip to the hospital, Leightyn took her library books. She told me that she "needed to read to Grannie because when she is sleepy she likes mommy to read books and it will help Grannie sleep better". I must say that it was very sweet to see Lei up next to the bed reading books and singing Jesus Loves Me to Grannie.