Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Balboa Park

Before heading back to the house, we made a quick trip to Extraordinary Desserts in Balboa Park. The buildings in this park were beautiful....just like the desserts!

Belmont Park

After the safari, we ended up at Belmont Park. Belmont Park is an oceanfront amusement park located on Mission Beach. The park offers ride, a roller coaster, laser tag, a laser maze, and a ropes course (way up in the air)

San Diego Safari Park

We spent the morning at San Diego Safari Park. The park is about 1800 acres and is the home to more than 2,600 animals. This park is set up for you to explore the park in many ways. Besides walking, you can ride a tram, hope on a cart, ride a feeding truck, zip-line, or stay overnight (in a tent in the lion area) in order to see it all. 
 We walked through several area before hoping on a tram through the Africa Safari.

 The baby gorilla was the best thing we saw!!

 The tram ride offered a 25 minute exploration of the African animals.

 After a quick lunch stop, Landen and I headed to do a Flightline safari through another area of the park. The flightline safari offers you a practice run and then a zip-line ride over 2177 feet. It was spectacular! 

The Safari was alright. I must say that we can see many more animals and have closer 
interaction at the Gentry Safari. Oh well!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sea World

This morning we made a quick drive back to San Diego to spend the day at Sea World.
 Our first stop was at the sea lion observation pool. 

 We even got the chance to feed these cute creatures!
 We stopped by to check out the under water shark tunnel.
 And then quickly found seats for the sea lion show.

 Ready to stroll to the dolphin viewing area.
 Mylea got the chance to get up close and personal with one of her favorite animals. She kept saying that the dolphins felt "squishy like an egg".
 And now for our big surprise.....
 Eating dinner next to Shamu and his friends!!

 Can't get a better view any where else!

 When we finished, we went to watch the  "One Ocean" whale show.

 As we exited the show, we stumbled upon some characters.

Mylea joined in on the dance party. 

 After checking out the polar bears and beluga whales, daddy and Mylea went to see some penguins.
 I hung out with these kind (and stinky) animals while waiting on my penguins to return. They came out doing their penguin dance.
 We made a few other stops before heading to the kiddy area.
 Someone was all smiles being at Sea World.
 Landry has learned to grab anything and everything in sight. She especially loves Mylea's hair and hairbows. She cracks herself up while trying to reach for her big sis.
 Look who we found!
 Landry even got the chance to meet Elmo and Zoe.
 Now to spend some time in the awesome play area.

Although we didn't see all the shows and meet at the animals...some little girl had a blast!