Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tulsa Day 3

Mylea has gone strong while in Tulsa. However, this morning, she just couldn't stay awake while heading out to do some shopping.

While shopping, Mylea found "my mommy".

Notice the purse she found and fell in love with.

Time for an Dippin Dots break.

Next stop......the carousel......not that it should be a surprise!

Lots of kids to play with.

Tulsa Day 2

Our second day in Tulsa was busy, busy, busy!

Mylea began the day at the pool.

Enjoying a snack while waiting on the big girls to get's a hard life!

First stop......Krispy Kreme (a Tulsa tradition). A balloon man was in the store making "art" for all the kiddos. Mylea wanted a balloon, but wasn't to excited about the clown.

Mylea's "little mermaid". The clown was really talented.

After running around town, we headed back to the hotel for naps. After her nap, Mylea enjoyed another snack in bed.

Off to the mall we went to play and ride the carousel.

Time for ice cream!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tulsa Day 1

Jo, Mylea, and I headed to Tulsa for a few days while Grandad was on his annual guys trip. We headed to the mall to look for some new clothes for Mylea. In our new favorite store, Crazy 8s, Mylea found herself a scarf and then taught herself how to tie it and wear it.
Mylea took a break and watched some tv after she got tired from clothes shopping.
We had to go visit Mickey Mouse and all the Disney princesses.
And the best part about Tulsa is the carousal.

Snow.....No Fun!

Mylea wanted to play in the snow early Thursday morning. We got bundled up and headed outside. Mylea play for about 5 minutes and decided that it wasn't fun. She asked to go in the house where it was warm. Maybe the next snow will be more enjoyable for her!

McDonalds Madness

This past Sunday night, we headed to McDonalds to play with a bunch of Mylea's church friends. The kids had a ball playing with each other. I thank God for a great church family that loves my girls!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pictures From Grandma Jo's Memory Card

Merry Christmas from Big TooT!
"We're Off To See The Wizard...."
Nothing Better Than Pickle Juice Straight From The Jar!
Happy Halloween Uncle Bill and Ms. Debbie
Marking Mylea's 3rd Birthday

Balloons For Leightyn

Shower Fun...they look like twins

Marking Leightyn's 5th Birthday
Tired tired she can't get in the car

Vacation Bible School At Oak Cliff

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vacation Day 1

We headed to the Florida Keys for a week of relaxation and de-stressing. Landen and I are looking forward to sitting on the beach, thinking about the last five months, spending time with God, taking some deep breaths, and understanding that life is going to be ok.

Our flight to Memphis left at 6:20am.

Mylea feel asleep while waiting to take-off.
We arrived in Memphis a few minutes after seven. We grabbed some breakfast before heading to catch our flight to Fort Lauderdale. This flight left at 9:30 and we landed around 12:30. Mylea enjoyed the in-flight beverages and snacks

Our next stop was the car rental counter before we took off to drive across the ocean.

When we arrived at the house, Mylea claimed this bedroom "hers". The bouncing on the bed quickly started....since they can only bounce on vacation beds!

Racing out the back door to the beach

First step in the ocean

Hanging out the 3rd story window (with Daddy)!

Taking a rest break

How cold is the water?

It's perfect!