Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Fun

This morning was the first day of summer cooking school. The two older girls made some whoopie pies for church tonight while the two little ones napped. The mixing and stirring went better than I was expecting. 

 After we finished the desserts, we loaded up and headed to an unknown destination. Mylea kept trying to figure out where we were going. When we turned down a road, she started to figure out where we were going and kept saying "I hope we are going to Hailie and Robert's". Sure enough, we were. But the reason for going was still a surprise. 

 We went to pick up "Oreo". Ms. Brenda's kittens were finally big enough to move to our house.
 We went to pick up one, but somehow ended up with two in our box.

Time To Celebrate

Nothing better than kicking off summer with an ice cream cake celebration!

Preschool Friends

Thanks to the facebook page....

School's Out For Summer

Yesterday was Mylea's last day of school. As you can tell, it was not a good morning. Mylea has had an ear infection the last two weeks and Monday night it was hurting really bad. We ended up going to the dr Monday and Tuesday looking for some answers. 
 After her appointment, we headed to Greenwood to take her popcorn buckets to Mylea's class. She planned on dropping the gifts off and then coming on back home. After we stayed in her class for a few minutes, My decided she wanted to go ahead and stay the rest of the day. When I picked her up in the afternoon, Mylea was feeling back to her normal self. We decided to redo her last day pictures. 
 This little sweet girl has grown so much this year. Not only am I impressed with all she has learned in school, but her sweet heart and spirit mean so much more!

 The preschool graduate was proud of her diploma. She asked to be called "Queen Graduate" last night.
Oh how I love this little girl!!!

Have A Cool Summer

Mylea has made many friends this tear at preschool. Although she only attends two days a week, she looks forward to her friends every week. We are hoping she ends up in the same Kindergarten class with a few of them. Mylea decided she wanted to make end of the year gifts for her class. So, a popcorn bucket filled with drinks, gummies, and a bottle of bubbles were packed for each student in her class.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Morning Sweetness

Double Feature at the Drive-In

A Little Bump

 Maribette was born with a cyst on her forehead. We have been told that it is nothing to worry about. Our Dr has been watching it's growth and sent us to Children's for another view from a plastic surgeon. The Dr at Children's reassured us that it was only a cyst and that we could have it removed when MB turns 6 months. 
 Waiting to meet our Dr at Children's
 Lunch date...just a day for MB

Our Week In Photos

Ready for the Young Actors Guild performance
 My and Maribette 
 Fun with scotch tape
 Popsicle Time
 My shopping helper
 Landry's favorite book...Brown Bear, Brown Bear
 Baby Loves