Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Exploring The Zoo

After we finished driving the zoo, we unloaded all the girls and took off to explore some more.
 Maribette got to enjoy this part with us, 
 Landry loved chasing after the ducks.
 Checking out the turtles
Lion cubs

 More babies!

Landry trying to decide how close she wants to get. 
 See the two babies??

 Larry the Chimp.....
We love Larry! He is always the best part of the zoo.
 We asked Larry to do a flip.....and he did.
 When you ask Larry what he's thinking.....this is what you get.
 Smile Larry
 If you don't throw enough peanuts to Larry, he will clap to get your attention and then starts motioning with his finger for more food.
 Obviously, Larry is a hit with the kids.

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