Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day At The Zoo

Last Wednesday was looking to be a beautiful day weather wise. Nothing better than spending a beautiful day at the zoo. The girls love going to the Gentry Drive Through Safari. In our opinion, it is so much better than the big fancy zoos. We love being able to feed and pet the majority of the animals. 
Mylea loves all the "Bambi's"
Lots of babies running around. We even got to see a baby buffalo.
 My little cuties!
 The nice big buffalo sat happily in the mud until he heard us hit a carrot against the car. Slowly and steadily he made his way to the carrot.
 After the first carrot, he decided we weren't feeding him fast enough, so he decided to help himself to the bag of food.
The buffalo's are always a favorite!
 Poor hungry emu.....they sure are pesky!
 I wasn't sure how Landry would do with all the animals coming to the windows, but she loved every minute of it!
 Mylea feeding the camels.
 "L" didn't want to be a part of any of this. She enjoyed hanging out in the backseat with Maribette.
 Enjoying a snack while waiting to see if the zebras were hungry.
 Loving the shaggy haired creature.

 Look out animals.....Landry is driving!

 "L" decided to give the zoo a chance and decided it wasn't so bad.
 This was the first trip that we actually saw the hippo do more than sleep. We threw carrots in the water and enjoyed watching him go under for them. 

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