Thursday, November 29, 2012

He's Back!!!!

Sunday morning Mylea woke up to this....
 Our beloved elf, Buddy, has returned for another holiday season. Mylea has been asking when Buddy would return. So far this year, Buddy has found some great hiding spots.
 Buddy also likes to pull pranks while we are all sleeping. When Mylea found Buddy copying himself, she couldn't stop laughing. She now calls him, Buddy, the crazy elf.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

This girl loves nativity sets.....I have lost count of how many she now has. 
Year round they will be out in her room.

Happy Birthday Hailie

Saturday, we had Hailie over and celebrated her birthday. Even though she is now 14, she loves spending time with Mylea and Landry. We began our birthday celebration at the movies watching "Rise of the Guardians". After a quick stop to pick out a present, we came back home for the girls to play the rest of the night before having a sleepover. 
 Some serious conversations were going on in the backyard.
 Not sure what was happening in the kitchen....maybe snow angels??

Our Week In Photos

 Mylea's class hosting a Thanksgiving food drive
 This girl never gets tired of looking at Christmas decorations.
 Umm.....yes, she wanted it all. To bad the gloves fit her entire arm.
 Skateboarding with Daddy
In a trance


Tuesday morning we had a special playdate at the library. Mylea (and Leightyn's) bestest friends, Vivi and Annabelle, were in from Colorado. We were sad to see them move away, and couldn't wait to see them for the day. After storytime, we had a fun lunch at ChickFilA. It was a quick reunion but we were so excited to see them.

Disney: Daddy We're Coming Home

The Dallas airport has a great play area that is always close to our departing gate. The girls had fun running around before boarding our last plane home.

 Next stop: Fort Smith.....Daddy and Grandad should be waiting on us.

 Home Sweet Home

Disney: Phone Photo Dump

My doing her best to keep Landry still for a picture. Landry, on the other hand, had better things to do.
 Ready for the light show
 This picture does not do justice for all the lights!
 Giving Grumpy a quick kiss.
 Her favorite
 Cinderella's Castle
 Sunbathing will waiting for lunch at Epcot
 Little Stinker

Monday, November 26, 2012

Disney: Summing It Up

I still have tons of Disney photos, but have decided just to pick a few to sum up our wonderful trip.
 Happy girls at the Rainforest Cafe
 Meeting Donald Duck at the Animal Kingdom
 Christmas Minnie

 Landry loved the parades. She would dance and clap the entire time. When the parade ended, she made that we all knew she wasn't happy.
 The many faces of Little Bit.

 Playing in Dumbo's circus (this would be around 1am....the last night we got to stay in the Magic Kingdom until 3am....what a wonderful way to end our trip)
 Mylea doing the limbo at Pluto and Goofy's Space Party
 Mylea was happy to see Goofy.....Landry not so much
 Eating at Chef Mickey's

 My girls hamming it up on "It's A Small World"
 Time to get some sleep before we head back home
We love Disney and can't wait to go again!!!