Monday, November 26, 2012

Disney: Summing It Up

I still have tons of Disney photos, but have decided just to pick a few to sum up our wonderful trip.
 Happy girls at the Rainforest Cafe
 Meeting Donald Duck at the Animal Kingdom
 Christmas Minnie

 Landry loved the parades. She would dance and clap the entire time. When the parade ended, she made that we all knew she wasn't happy.
 The many faces of Little Bit.

 Playing in Dumbo's circus (this would be around 1am....the last night we got to stay in the Magic Kingdom until 3am....what a wonderful way to end our trip)
 Mylea doing the limbo at Pluto and Goofy's Space Party
 Mylea was happy to see Goofy.....Landry not so much
 Eating at Chef Mickey's

 My girls hamming it up on "It's A Small World"
 Time to get some sleep before we head back home
We love Disney and can't wait to go again!!!

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