Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Costume Fun

Our church held it's annual Fall Festival the Friday before Halloween. This year we went easy on the costumes. Usually we pick a theme and all the girls go with it. Well, this year, we ended up picking a costume at Wal-Mart the week of the Fall Festival. As soon as Mylea saw her costume, she was convinced that it was Joseph's wife. Landry wore Mylea's old lamb costume. 
 We took a few pictures before we headed off to church. Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday, and we would still be having Awanas, this would be the only time for costumes. Mylea would wear hers to Awanas, but Landry wasn't interested in even leaving her costume on at the festival. 
 As you can tell in the picture, Mylea was all about posing while Landry was only interested in the rocks behind her. 

 My two cuties!
 Acting silly before the festival

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