Monday, September 28, 2009

Picnic at the Park

Great Weather and New PJs

How great is the weather right now? We have spent many hours playing outside this last week. The girls love to go out and chalk the driveway, ride their cars and bikes, and play in the bounce around. Here are a few pictures of the girls playing outside in their new PJs.

Yes, Leightyn is wearing boy jammies....what else can you get when she loves Woody and Buzz. Mylea loves her Elmo and Minnie Mouse jammies.

"We are marching to Cubbies....."

(sorry....i can't get the video to rotate)

Awanas has started back up and Leightyn is super excited about this year. This is her second (and final) year in Cubbies. There are on average 7 three and four year olds in her class. Leightyn is already working hard on learning her verses and completing her homework. It's going to be a great year in Awanas!

For those of you who can not view the video, it shows Leightyn reciting the:

Cubbies motto: Jesus Love Me

Verse A: "all have sinned"

Verse B: "God loved us and sent His Son"

Verse C: "while we were sinners, Christ dies for us"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Girls Night Out

Last night, my mom, Leightyn, and I had a girls night out. When we got home from church, I told Leightyn that she was going on a surprise trip and needed to rest for a few hours until it was time to go. Of course, she was asking every five minutes "where are we going", "is it time to go", "what's my surprise". Leightyn and I finally left the house around 9 pm. The plan was to make a quick trip to Walmart for some diapers and then off to the movies to watch "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 3D".

When we pulled in to the theater, Leightyn started squealing and clapping her hands. She was "so excited to go to the movies and get popcorn, and candy, and coke". Jo arrived shortly after us and Leightyn began the squealing again. She talked a mile a minute on the way inside the theater. When we got to the snack bar, Leightyn decided on a kids snack box (popcorn, fruit snacks, and a drink) along with some Twizzlers ("cause my daddy likes these"). Leightyn loved the movie. Watching a 3D movie is a whole new experience. My mom and I wore the glasses but they were huge on Leightyn. She did her best to keep them on the entire time but towards the end she said they were to heavy to wear. The movie was ok but not as great as the book. The majority of the story line had nothing to do with the book......but Leightyn still loved it.

It was a great late night out with my mom and Leightyn. I love going to the late movies and having the theaters to ourselves. Leightyn loves going because she knows that she should already be in bed. We plan on keeping these late nights going as often as we can. My mom and I are going to take advantage of these nights before Leightyn starts school next fall.

Showing off her 3D glasses and free movie goodies

Snacking before the movie

Enjoying the movie

Happy Birthday ViVi

Sunday afternoon we went to Van Buren for ViVi's fifth birthday party. ViVi lives with her grandparents in Hon (next to Grannie's house). Leightyn loves playing with ViVi and Holly when we go down to Grannies. She is always excited to see them.

The birthday party was at Rob and Candi's house (Landen's cousin). When all the guest arrived, I was surprised to find out that we already knew the majority of them. One of the little girls invited took gymnastic with Leightyn for two years and is usually at the library on Thursday. Another little girl is part of our MOPS playgroup and Leightyn is in the same class with her.

The birthday party was great! Leightyn and Mylea had so much fun. Candi had the girls make sack puppets, play pin the bow on Hello Kitty, and musical chairs. Leightyn and Mylea were excited about eating strawbery cake and ice cream and also getting a favor bag to take home.

ViVi and Leightyn

Making sack puppets

Playing pin the bow on Hello Kitty

Musical Chairs

Eating cake and ice cream

Happy Birthday ViVi!!! We can't wait to see you and Holly again sometime soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Swimming Party

The children's group at church has monthly events for the children. Last night, we took all the kids swimming at my dad and mom's house. We were low on numbers, but we still had a great time. The kiddos enjoyed swimming, playing in the play house, and riding the plasma cars up and down the driveway. (here is a quick fyi....plasma cars are awesome! every kid needs one. adults often enjoy them more than kids) We also cooked hot dogs and made gooey smores on the open fire. The girls had a ball playing with their friends and hanging out.

Thanks Grandad and Jo for letting us bring our friends over to swim!

Pizza and Games

The girls and I met my mom and brother for lunch last Friday at Pizza Warehouse. We have been there before it is was really good. However, the best thing we had at this visit was the salad bar. The girls know that if they want to play games, they have to eat first. Leightyn and Macy quickly ate their pizza and were ready to go. Mylea ate just enough to get by with. The game room has improved since our last visit, but it is nothing like Chuck E Cheese. The girls played game after game and earned 101 tickets (thanks for winning tickets Uncle Nigel). When we cashed in the tickets, Leightyn got two Reese cups and Macy and Mylea shared five Hershey kisses. Seems like a lot of tickets for a little amount of candy.

Dance Dance Dance

Leightyn and Mylea LOVE to dance. Not only do they love to dance, they LOVE to show off the dancing skills. Leightyn will make up a dance and then does her best to teach it to Mylea and Macy. After a few minutes, the girls will come and show off their skills. The dances are some times adorable and some times just hilarious. Leightyn does high kicks, turns, flips, and all kinds of hand movements. Mylea (being the little copycat that she is) will watch Leightyn and do her best to mimic Leightyn's every move. Not only are the dance moves always changing, the costumes are also never the same.