Monday, September 14, 2009

St Louis (Part 2)

Saturday was Linden's birthday. We spent the day at the arch, Union Station, baseball game, and then finished with a birthday dinner.

Our hotel was in a great location. We were two blocks from the stadium and across the street from the arch. This was the view from our window.

After getting up and around Saturday morning, we headed to the Arch. We quickly made it through security and got our tickets to go to the top. I love the little pods you sit in to get to the top. The doors to enter the pod are only four foot tall. The whole thing makes me think of the oompa lumpa doors on Willy Wanka.

The view from the top is amazing. You can see for miles and miles.

After the arch, we headed to Union Station. The station is an old train station that had been turned in to a mall and place for resturants. We walked around for about an hour before eating lunch at Hard Rock (they have the best nachos).

The guys decided to try out the Hurricane machine. When you enter, the wind starts blowing (up to 80mph) to see if you can stand during a hurricane winds.
As you can tell, it was a long, tiring day.....

After Union Station we headed back to the hotel before heading to another game (which we won!) .

It was a great, adventurous, and sometimes crazy weekend.
(Charlene.....this picture is for you!)

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