Thursday, September 10, 2009

Caution: This Toy Is Not....

Have you ever notice that some toys have a caution warning that reads: this toy is not intended for children but for dolls?

PaPaw got Mylea a baby bed, high chair, bath, closet, changing table all in one for her birthday. The other night, Landen was putting Mylea's birthday present together when I notice this warning on the box. I laughed and made a comment about that warning being useless.....we all know that this baby table is for a doll not for children. Well, leave it to my girls to ignore the warning. I walked in the playroom and this is what I saw.....

Mylea was taking a bath while Leightyn moved the mobile trying to put herself to sleep in the bed.

A few minutes later it was Mylea's turn to go to sleep.

Sleepy Mylea

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