Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday ViVi

Sunday afternoon we went to Van Buren for ViVi's fifth birthday party. ViVi lives with her grandparents in Hon (next to Grannie's house). Leightyn loves playing with ViVi and Holly when we go down to Grannies. She is always excited to see them.

The birthday party was at Rob and Candi's house (Landen's cousin). When all the guest arrived, I was surprised to find out that we already knew the majority of them. One of the little girls invited took gymnastic with Leightyn for two years and is usually at the library on Thursday. Another little girl is part of our MOPS playgroup and Leightyn is in the same class with her.

The birthday party was great! Leightyn and Mylea had so much fun. Candi had the girls make sack puppets, play pin the bow on Hello Kitty, and musical chairs. Leightyn and Mylea were excited about eating strawbery cake and ice cream and also getting a favor bag to take home.

ViVi and Leightyn

Making sack puppets

Playing pin the bow on Hello Kitty

Musical Chairs

Eating cake and ice cream

Happy Birthday ViVi!!! We can't wait to see you and Holly again sometime soon.

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