Friday, September 26, 2008

Higher Higher Higher At The Fair

So we went to the fair this week. Leightyn had a blast. She got to ride many many rides and played games. However, her favorite activity was the bungee bounce. She bounced a little by herself before the carnival worker helped her bounce. She keep asking to go higher higher higher. I thought she might get a little scared but Leightyn just keep on smiling while asking to go higher higher higher . I guess we are going to have an adventurous little girl.

Loving This Weather

We are loving this weather right now. The girls have spent many days outside playing. It is so much fun and entertaining to watch Leightyn and Mylea play with each other. I always wondered how Lei Lei would do when MyMy got bigger but I don't think there is anything to worry about (right now).

Thanks Linden, Larry, and Charlene for building us a deck. We spend many hours out playing on it. The girls love to race each other on their scooters and cars.

We also seemed to be going through lots of popsicles lately. I can't complain though....atleast they
are able to eat them outside still.

Drive Thru Safari

My mom and dad took the girls and me back to the Drive Thru Safari in Gentry. We had gone earlier in the summer so Leightyn was really excited to go back and see the "monkey in the baby diaper". However, Kiwi (the monkey) and several of the other animals were at the fair. We drove through and feed several of the animals.

This camel was really hungry. The camels followed us a a bit looking for more food. Leightyn and dad fed the zebras carrot after carrot.

Leightyn loved throwing peanuts into the monkey cages. Mylea wasn't sure about the emu.

Leightyn was excited that there was a cat in the petting zoo. Mylea was surrounded by goats looking for bread and peanuts.

Finger Painting Fun

Leightyn has discovered the art of finger painting. It is usually a daily activity at our house. The first time she painted, she wasn't sure about getting paint on her fingers. We used sponges a couple of time, but she quickly decided that it was better to paint with her fingers. Within a few days, there was no fear about getting paint on her. She usually comes in from painting with her hand, arms, face, and hair covered in paint. Leightyn said that she "had no more paper so she painted her arms". Oh is washable!

Happy 1st Birthday Macy

Macy (our neighbor and the little girl I babysit) turned 1 on September 6th. Macy had a cowgirl themed birthday party. Leightyn and Mylea wore their overalls and cowboy hats to the party. Leightyn enjoyed rides on the Pony Express (the golf cart) most of the day.

Mylea was not to fond of the hat. Leightyn was a rain boot cowgirl.

Happy 1st Birthday Mylea

Mylea turned 1 on September 5. I can't believe that she is already a year old. Where did my baby go? We had a small cake and presents at home for her birthday.
Leileghtyn was in charge of making sure Mylea didn't drop the cake in the floor. She ate a couple of bites of icing but wasn't really interested in it.

Leightyn sang "Happy Birthday" all day to her sister. She was excited that her sister was no longer a "baby".

I'm Back

So....things have calmed down here for a minute and I can finally add several new blogs and pictures....ENJOY

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Busy Busy Weekend

We have had a fun and exciting weekend. My memory card is not working in the computer at the moment so I will share pictures later. Friday was Mylea's 1st birthday.....I can't believe that she is already one. We let her open presents and had a small cake at home (since her party is not till the 20th) and then had supper with Grandad, Grandma Jo, and Uncle Nigel. Saturday was Macy's (our neighbor...the little girl I baby-sit) 1st birthday. We spent most of the day and night over at their house having a cowgirl party. Leightyn and Mylea both went in overalls. Saturday night we had friends over to watch the Razorbacks barely pull out a win (it could be a long season). Sunday morning will be our first Sunday in the College and Career Class. Landen and I will be teaching this class along with another couple from church. I said, we have had a busy weekend and I will post pictures when I can.

Here are some pictures we had taken for the girls' birthday.