Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Some Pictures...

How We Spent School Today

Apparently wearing your helmet makes you smarter!
Mylea being the teacher.
Landry listened and obeyed all of Mylea's instructions.
Love this sweet face! She was so excited to get to write on the marker board.
It takes some serious concentration when practicing your letters.
We have been talking about Joseph's life for a couple of weeks. This is her impression of Joseph's 11 brothers being mad and jealous of Joseph's coat of many colors.

More Adventures With Stitch

Stitch is awake from his long winter's sleep. I guess the warm weather has thrown off his sleeping schedule. Mylea was excited to hear Stitch crawling around and couldn't wait to play with him.

Stictch and Mylea read books at her desk.
Racing across the desk.
Resting in the doll bag.
Taking a ride with Jasmine in Barbie's car.
Getting his back brushed????? Mylea said that it makes him feel better.

This afternoon we went looking for trees and shrubs. Guess who came with us? That's right! Stitch came with us. He hung out in the pink bag while we looked around.

Softball Sweetheart

Mylea Jo has wanted to play baseball like her daddy and Leightyn. So, this seems to be the year that her wish comes true. We headed to Academy to pick up some necessities for the upcoming ball season. Mylea couldn't wait to get everything she needed.

Choices Choices Choices
Little Landry enjoyed the outing.
More choices!!
Helmet has been on to the gloves.
Someone woke up and joined in the adventure!
No better time than now to start with some training with Daddy.
Watch Out!! This could be dangerous!
Ready to play balll.....I must say that Mylea is one cute ball player!

Bouncing Fun

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sleepy Girl

Mylea was so tired tonight at church that she fell asleep in the floor during the middle of choir practice!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paint By Number

Daddy's Deer

Mylea and her daddy have a new hobby........deer watching and deer feeding. In the back corner of our yard, we have a deer trail that has been used by many deer over many years. Landen and Mylea go out weekly and put out deer salt blocks, corn, and molasses. The deer are now nightly visitors. Mylea loves to get the spotlight and look for the deer. When the dogs bark, Landen and Mylea go looking for the deer.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Week In Photos

Enjoying the beautiful weather every afternoon
Getting so BIG
Burning off some energy
Singing and Dancing during lunch
Practicing gymnastics in the parking lot
Riding bikes with Tommy
Trying to blow up her tire.....a quick trip to the gas station soon followed
Getting ready for a movie night
Singing a song
Pink pancakes for supper
Ms. Jeania and Mylea in the clubhouse
Date Night
Dr. Brown and Mylea hanging out in the tent