Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Week In Photos

Nap time....a daily struggle of who Mylea should sleep with
Smokey swinging with My
Laughing at the dogs
Bath Time
Taking her role as a big sis very serious
Playdate with Elliot and Ms Cathy
Paint's amazing how quickly we go through paint
Cheering daddy on
 Papa Smurf attended Story time with us

 Making a present for Uncle We We
 Landry chilling at Mardels (oh how I love that store)
 Wags watching himself on my phone
 Time to cool off
 Being careful to stay in the lines
 A HUGE turtle we found in our yard
 Opening week of Bob Evans
 Using a band aid for a mouth
 Fixing our popcorn for family time
 My's personal taxi taking her to the gas station for snacks
 Playtime at a newly discovered play place

Way To Go Lil Toot!!!

Next up.....Little Toot
 She's a hit!
 Rounding first and headed to second
 Safe on second base
 Ah man......tagged out at third
Way to Go Toot!!!!

Sunday Morning Sweetness

Today was the end to a great weekend! We had so much fun the everyone and can't wait to get together again! Mylea can't wait for the cousins to come for a week this summer! 

Saturday Night

After a fun filled day at the pizza place, it was time to load up and head back to WeWe's for the night. All the kiddos loaded up in our car and we headed down the road. I love this picture of our seats full of kiddos. They all had a blast together. I don't recall a argument or fight all weekend!

 Playing outside while waiting for the grill to warm up

 Landry and Wagner (he's to busy on the move to stay still for a picture)
 Sleepy Kiddos
This picture is so sweet. Mylea has her head up against Brayson while holding hands with Brannon. She sure does love those boys!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun Times Pizza

Saturday we met up with the rest of the crew for some food, games, and rides at Fun Times Pizza. The kiddos (and the adults) had a blast. This is definitely something we will be doing again!