Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Self Portrait

I love this picture that Leightyn took of herself.

Weekend Fun

This past Saturday we had a water play night with Chad, Ashley, Logan, and Laney. The girls had looked forward to this most of last week. It didn't rain all day and as soon as it was time to head to their house, the rain had come. We had planned on letting the kids play in the water, but the rain turned out to be more fun. All of them had fun playing in the mud and then running to the sprinkler to wash off. This game went on and on and on. Leightyn and Mylea love to play with Logan and Laney! After eating a great Mexican dinner, the kids had fun playing inside before it was time for us to leave.

Thanks guys for inviting us over. We had fun and so did the girls!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

AWANAs Awards Ceremony

Sunday night we had our Awanas award ceremony. Leightyn was excited about getting her trophy for the derby races last Wednesday night. Her Cubbie class was adorable during the ceremony. The recited their three key verses: "All have sinned", "God loves us", and "God loved us and sent His Son", along with their Cubbies motto: "Jesus Loves ME!". Before getting their awards, the group sang their theme song. Leightyn got an award for finishing her first book and a participation certificate. It has been a great year in AWANAs. Leightyn is ready to work on her second book.

Leightyn and Mylea before the ceremony.

The "Cubbies" class singing.

Saying their Bible verses.

Leightyn getting her Cubbie bear.

Derby car race trophy.

She has waited all week for this trophy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Videos on Blog

Hey Guys!

I am not sure why the videos do not attach to the blog update emails, will have to go to the actual blog site to view videos of the girls.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

AWANAs Race Car Derby

Wednesday night was the last night of AWANAs. We held the race car derby for each class. The kids designed their own cars and then raced them on a track to determine winners for each group. Leightyn's car came in 1st place in her group. She will be getting a trophy Sunday night during the awards ceremony.

Leightyn and her car.

Playing on the track after the races were finished.

Fun (Dry and Somewhat Sunny) Day at Creekmore Park

Tuesday, after storytime, the girls and I headed to Creekmore Park. We had a picnic lunch, played on the different playgrounds, and rode the train twice. Leightyn had been to this park last year and loved it. This was Mylea and Macy's first time there. When we went to ride the train, the babies were not sure about it but loved it once we got going. The second time on the train, it began to pour. I assumed the driver would cut the trip short, but no, he pulled out his umbrella and kept on chugging. So anyways, we were soaked but we all had a great time playing.

Picnic time

Little Monkey

On the train

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Team Phillipians

Leightyn had her first t-ball game this morning. She was really excited about playing and became even more excited when she saw all the mud to play in. Leightyn and Logan had a great time making mud soup and writing in the mud before and during the game.

I'm A Big Girl Now!!!

Mylea has grown up so much these past few months. Her personality is definitely coming out and she now thinks that she is as big as Leightyn.

The other night she was so ready for supper that she didn't wait for us to come to the table before eating some guacmole.

She has been sick most of the week with a bladder infection. She didn't sleep much at night, so during naptime, she would conk out.

Now that she feels better, Mylea has officially moved to a "big girl" bed. When told to go to bed, she goes right to her room and climbs in bed. Leightyn is super excited "cause Mylea has a bed just like me and she is so so so so so big just like me". For several weeks, Leightyn has been telling me that Mylea needs a big girl bed so that they can both sleep in Leightyn's room together.