Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Kids, Great Times

Balloons for Grandma

Thursday evening we spent a few hours with the Edwards family. After the loss of Grandma that morning, it was great to get my mind off things for a few hours. Leightyn (who was still upset) was so excited when Logan, Laney, and Ms. Ashley brought balloons outside to send to Grandma Nancy in Heaven. All of the kids took a balloon bouquet and on the count of three, they let them fly to Heaven. Thanks Ms. Ashley for the great idea. Leightyn was so happy to know that her Sissy had balloons with her. Thanks Edwards' family for a fun night outside!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

No More Pain

She sits by the window with wandering eyes
She has a song in her heart
And a golden disguise

Her body is torn because age doesn't heal

She's not letting on about the pain that she feels

But she knows in her soul

That it won't be too long

Till Jesus comes back to carry her home

Where there will be no more pain
No more sorrow
No more waiting
For illusive tomorrows
There will be no more pain
No more dying
No more striving or strain
No more pain
My mind's eye remembers the troubles I've seen
All I have been through
And how I long to be free

But I learn by her patience that I need her resolve
To wait for the opening of eternity's halls
And I know that in time
We will stand side by side
When Jesus caomes back
Receiving His bride

Where then will be no more pain
No more dying
No more striving or strain
No more pain