Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Princess Mylea of Arkansas and Her Royal Court"

Lazy Day

Morning snuggles with these two.
 Landry is going to miss her big sister next week when we have to get back on schedule. Mylea is already talking about not wanting to go back. 
 We ran a few errands and did some shoe shopping. My gang deserved a reward so Mylea chose ice cream from McDonalds. It's a great week to go. There's bound to be someone there to play with.

 We had planned to head to the Monkey House tonight but Mylea wanted to play upstairs and have a movie night instead. Works for me!!!

 Landen and Mylea put up the tent and decided to have a indoor camp out. 
As I write this, they are both snuggled up together in the tent. Fun times!!!

Tuesday To-Do's

Color a picture
 Vacuum upstairs 
 Sister Time
 Make some snow flakes
 Ryan's birthday lunch
Tiara shopping with Jo
 Fun-Dip Snacks

Spring Break Sickies

Well the stomach bug has continued to run its course over the last few days. Everyone has had it except for our foster boy "M" and myself. Poor little Maribette just can't seem to catch a break from it. Anyways, Mylea had invited Logan and Laney to spend the night Sunday after church. Sunday morning we missed church with 2 not feeling so well. Early afternoon, we decided that everyone was well enough for the sleepover. After church we took all 6 kiddos to McDonalds to play. We didn't stay very long before we decided to go swimming. Mylea, Landry, Logan, and Laney swam for an hour or so. We came home and made beds upstairs for the big kids. 
 I went up at midnight and they were all still awake. Another check at 12:30am and Mylea was the only one awake (with heavy heavy eyes). Shortly after 1:30am, Mylea came downstairs with a tummy pains. Within a few minutes, it was obvious that she had been struck with the stomach bug. Landen and I were up and down with Mylea until about 5:00. 

The next morning, all the big kids were up at 9:00. The plan for the day was to head to Locomotion in Fayetteville with the church kids for a fun day of laser tag, go-carts, bumper cars, and putt-putt. Mylea wasn't sure she wanted to go but she also didn't want to miss out. She ended up deciding to go and she had a great time with no sickness!!!!

Mylea with a sleepy face
Laney with a sweet smile
Logan with excitement

While the big kids were gone, the little ones and I ran errands and hung out at the house. MB was feeling great but her tummy couldn't handle much food. I found her in the pantry snacking on chips. I guess she wanted food no matter what her tummy was telling her.

Skipping School

Last week while we were in school, Oklahoma schools were out for Spring Break. The girls got an invitation for a few fun days in Tulsa so Mylea ended up skipping school for some preSpring Break fun. We were packed ready to go and Maribette woke up with the stomach bug. I decided to go on and chance the trip (hoping she would quickly recover). We made it to Gore before deciding just to come back home. When we got home and got the car cleaned up, my mom headed back to Tulsa with Mylea and Landry. Ms. Karen, Ms. Natalie, Quaid, and Cash went ahead (thank goodness) and were ready to meet up for some fun. As my crew arrived in Tulsa, Landry got sick but thankfully it was a single occurrence. Mylea came home and said she had fun, fun, fun. Landry likes to watch videos of the trip over and over on my phone. Thanks Karen and Natalie for the invite!!!

Incredible Pizza has opened a new trampoline jump zone. 
Who wouldn't love the foam pit????
Poor Landry was give out!!

New Buddies