Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skipping School

Last week while we were in school, Oklahoma schools were out for Spring Break. The girls got an invitation for a few fun days in Tulsa so Mylea ended up skipping school for some preSpring Break fun. We were packed ready to go and Maribette woke up with the stomach bug. I decided to go on and chance the trip (hoping she would quickly recover). We made it to Gore before deciding just to come back home. When we got home and got the car cleaned up, my mom headed back to Tulsa with Mylea and Landry. Ms. Karen, Ms. Natalie, Quaid, and Cash went ahead (thank goodness) and were ready to meet up for some fun. As my crew arrived in Tulsa, Landry got sick but thankfully it was a single occurrence. Mylea came home and said she had fun, fun, fun. Landry likes to watch videos of the trip over and over on my phone. Thanks Karen and Natalie for the invite!!!

Incredible Pizza has opened a new trampoline jump zone. 
Who wouldn't love the foam pit????
Poor Landry was give out!!

New Buddies

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