Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cousin Camp Day 3 Part 2

Last night as church the kids played water games so it was a wet day for the cousins.

 As we drove home, we could hear the kids chanting "swimming, swimming". 
So that's where we headed.
 As we were walking over to my parents, we noticed this rubber duck out in our woods next to the creek. Guess it washed down with the rain this week.
Landen and the boys worked on moving a fallen tree from our creek. I think the boys had more fun playing on it and weren't concerned about moving it. Mylea had to go to the bathroom and couldn't wait till we got to the house. So, she ended up in the bushes!  :)

Little Maribette was waiting on us to arrive. 
 The kids swam for a bit and then went out to do some sparklers. 

As we were getting ready to leave, Mylea decided she wanted some waffles. Mom was going to make homemade waffles for all but we decided a trip to Waffle House was next on our agenda for the night.
 Landry and Maribette joined us in their jammies.

Cousin Camp Day 3 Part 1

After finally waking all the boys up at 11:50 (!!!!!!!), we packed up to spend Wednesday afternoon at the Alma Water. It was a perfect day to be there. The weather wasn't to hot and the water was cool from all the rain we got the night before.

This picture sums the day up......everyone is tired!!!

Cousin Camp Day 2

Tuesday's plan was Chuck E Cheese, "Turbo", and celebrating National Hot Dog Day.

We arrived at CEC thirty minutes before the movie began and the tokens were burning holes in the kids pockets. We played for twenty minutes and then headed next door to the movies. 

 Little Buddies

 Their goal was to ride every roller coaster.

 Free tickets from Chuck E Cheese

Brannon had been playing this game for several minutes. He used many tokens and only got a few tickets. Mylea walked over and put in two tokens and won all these tickets. We had fun giving Brannon a hard time about Mylea winning his tickets. 

When Landen got home from work, I had to run Lilah to an appointment, so he loaded the kids up and took them swimming. Cousin camp turned in to driving lunch for Brannon.

Celebrating National Hot Dog Day

Cousin Camp Day 1

Monday kicked off Cousin Camp at our house. Mylea (and all the cousins) have looked forward to this all year. I don't know how many times this summer I have heard "When are the cousins coming?".

Monday's agenda was bowling, swimming, and a Naturals baseball game.

 Landry and Brayson
 Would love to know what she was thinking.
 Brannon, Brayson, and Ryan
 Mylea letting Landry bowl for her.
 Love this..
 And the winner was little bitty Brayson

That evening we planned to head up to Springdale to catch a baseball game but with the chance of severe storms, we decided to cancel. The kids debated on going to the movies, Monkey House, and swimming. We drove by Fuji's and the boys threw out the suggestion of going there to eat. So we did...
Happy kids ready to eat

 Love these snapshots of the kids together
 We planned to go to the movies after supper, but once again, we changed our plans. 
Putt-putt was next

 Day 1 was a great day!!