Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cousin Camp Day 2

Tuesday's plan was Chuck E Cheese, "Turbo", and celebrating National Hot Dog Day.

We arrived at CEC thirty minutes before the movie began and the tokens were burning holes in the kids pockets. We played for twenty minutes and then headed next door to the movies. 

 Little Buddies

 Their goal was to ride every roller coaster.

 Free tickets from Chuck E Cheese

Brannon had been playing this game for several minutes. He used many tokens and only got a few tickets. Mylea walked over and put in two tokens and won all these tickets. We had fun giving Brannon a hard time about Mylea winning his tickets. 

When Landen got home from work, I had to run Lilah to an appointment, so he loaded the kids up and took them swimming. Cousin camp turned in to driving lunch for Brannon.

Celebrating National Hot Dog Day

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